Kurviger 2.2.23

Kurviger 2.2.23 is on Google Play:

- Navigation: advanced route appearance (Pro)

Display the current route section differently from the rest of the route.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Route appearance”.

- Navigation: display next waypoint (Pro)

Display of the next waypoint is available as an optional extra panel.
Tapping the waypoint panel, the map moves briefly to the waypoint.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Next waypoint”.

- Navigation: select next waypoint to display (Pro)

Selection of next waypoint to display is available with long press:

- Navigation: actions and options (Pro)

Available in top left navigation panel:

  • Tap: show navigation actions
    [Skip next waypoint, Avoid roadblock]
  • Long press: show navigation options
    [Rerouting, Auto zoom, Voice guidance]

- Navigation: navigation notifications (Pro)

They can be useful with external screen devices.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Notifications”.

- Navigation: icon color (Pro)

Separate icon color settings for navigation directions (left) and app panels (right).

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Icon color”.

- Navigation: simulation improvements (Pro)

Navigation simulation is initialized at the nearest route node.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Navigation”.

- Navigation: Portuguese voice navigation (Pro)

Available in “Settings | Voice guidance | Voice language”.

- Routing: routing history

Offline in-memory history of latest calculated routes.
Useful for “undo” in route planning and navigation.

Available in menu “Routing | History”.

- Routing: scroll map to next / previous waypoint

You can scroll the map to the next or previous waypoint with new on-screen buttons.
(works together with the crosshair function)

Available in “Waypoints” in (long press) menu of the waypoints.
Available in “Waypoints” in (long press) menu of the route.

- Routing: split route

Available in (long press) menu of the waypoints.

- Routing: merge routes

You can merge kurviger routes (files + links) using the “Extend route” option in routing import dialog.

Available in menu “Routing | Import”.

- Routing: different track colors

The import window has a color button to select the color of the imported track(s).

Available in import window of gpx / kurviger files.

- Routing: remember imported tracks

App remembers the imported (gpx, kurviger) tracks / colors when restarting the app.

- Routing: auto hide via / shaping points

You can select the zoom level where the via / shaping points appear on the map.

Available in “Settings | Routing | Via points (zoom level)”.
Available in “Settings | Routing | Shaping points (zoom level)”.

- Routing: auto hide turn instructions

You can select (or disable) the zoom level where the turn instructions appear on the map.

Available in “Settings | Routing | Zoom level of turn instructions”.

- Routing: distance / time in waypoints list

Display distance / time of waypoints in their management screen.
The same info is in the bubbles of waypoints when tapping them.

Available in menu “Routing | Waypoints”.

- Routing: colored waypoints in waypoints list

Display colored waypoints in their management screen.

Available in menu “Routing | Waypoints”.

- Routing: route planning with coordinates

Enter a marker with coordinates on the map for routing actions.

Available in menu “Tools | Location”.

- Bookmarks: bookmark sort options

Sort function in bookmarks list offers options:

  • Name
  • Distance (from user)

- Map: online maps

More online maps are available.

Available in menu “Map | Online maps”.

- Map: map performance

Select quality or performance in map rendering.

Available in “Settings | Map | Rendering”.

- Map: layer selection dialog

When you tap or long press in regions with multiple markers,
the available markers are displayed to select the one pressed.

Available in “Settings | Map | Layers”.

- Map: auto hide map scale

Available in “Settings | Map | Hide map scale”.

- Location: animated location

Location animation / interpolation for smooth movement in navigation / follow.

Available in “Settings | Location | Animated location”.

- Location: GPS altitude above sea level

GPS altitude can be read from:

  • System (may be above sea level)
  • Sensor (above sea level)

Available in “Settings | Location | Altitude”.

- Location: orientation threshold

Speed threshold for location orientation changes.

Available in “Settings | Location | Orientation threshold”.

- App: Daytona external input device

Daytona has its own profile in “Settings | Application | External input device”.

- App: external keys

More external keys are available:

  • N: navigation (start / pause / resume)
  • F: follow location (on / off)
  • S: skip next waypoint
  • B: add bookmark

Available in “Settings | Application | External input device | Keyboard”.

- App: Italian translation

- Various improvements

Thanks to everyone who participated in Kurviger 2.2 (Beta) program!

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:


Kurviger 2.2.21 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements

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Kurviger 2.2.22 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements


Kurviger 2.2.23 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements