App: Layer selection dialog

By map view place waypoints always at the foreground on top of any other mapitem.


  • Waypoints you work with, are so optimally selectable, even with visual overlaps due to turn icons.
  • Also encourages so the optimal positioning of waypoints safely away from road intersections.

Marker z-order is handled automatically by the map engine.

Since the map is “3D”, it is actually y-order,
nearest markers are in front of remote ones.

As you see the objects around you in real life.
You can test it when you tilt & rotate the map.

This cannot be changed unless rewrite map engine
or use another one without rotation and 3D. :laughing:

Waypoints are placed bottom-centered with large touch handles.
And they can also be selected via the waypoints list window.

The visual aspect is less important.
Was intended only to be able to select the important waypoint menu as first choice.
To be able to fastly drag a waypoint, when in the routing menu turnpoint view is enabled.
Without turnpoint view set, this selection problem does not arise.
So if too cumbersome to offer no problem. Case closed.
Anyway kind regards

Anything could be possible, it really depends on work vs utility. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another idea might be when press a region with many markers,
show a menu with the pressed markers to select one for action.

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(in the next version)

When you tap or long press in regions with multiple markers,
the available markers are displayed to select the one pressed.

Available in Kurviger 2.2.6 (Beta).

Enable it in “Settings | Map | Layers”.

Then tap on the map where there are overlapping markers.
The available markers are displayed to select the one pressed.

still don’t get this markers window. In Settings, Map, Layers I have normal or extended. What needs to be used? I tried both, but when I press somewhere in the map, I only get the standard window with coordinates on the top and functions like set as start, set as intermediate destination, set as shaping point and so on.

Enable it in “Settings | Map | Layers | Advanced”.

Then tap on the map where there are overlapping markers.


now got it thanks. But I can tell you what the irritating points were: you said tap on the map. But the special menu only appears when tapping on the overlaying markers, not when tap on the map beside them. I always take you literally :grin:

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.