Italian voice guidance for roundabout

Hello, I have been using the app in the PRO version with satisfaction for months (now updated to 2.2.23, with Android 12 in Italian, Italian voice guide), but in the current version there is an important problem (at least in my configuration); I looked for a solution in the documentation and in the forum but couldn’t find it.
While navigating, when I have to pass a roundabout, the number of the exit from the roundabout appears on the screen (1/2/3 etc.) but the voice guide only says 0 (ZERO) whatever the real number (1/2/3 etc.) )

This both using the maps available at Kurviger Downloads and the ANDROMAPS maps.

The problem is serious as well as annoying, because it forces me to LOOK at the screen to understand where to go instead of relying on the guide voice and just looking at the road.

Any suggestion is welcome, thank you.

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Thanks for the report.

In Italian voice guidance there is a regression,
it will work correctly in the next app update.

Voice guidance uses the turn instructions generated by the routing service (not maps).
(seen in menu “Routing | Turn instructions”)

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It works properly in Kurviger 2.2.24.

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