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The navigation data box shows the distance and time to the end of the route or to the next waypoint.
I think it would be usefull to see the waypoint name as well.

end of the route

next waypoint


If you have defined a via point with a name,
it will appear at the top when you reach it.

A constant display would require another horizontal panel at the top.
As the top panel is reserved for the next turn instruction or via point.

Perhaps it would be more useful to know the name of the place (via point) we are coming to and not when to reach it.

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We can choose to see the distance and time to get to the end of the route or the next waypoint but it does not show us the name of the waypoint where we are going, would it be possible that the first line of information on the screen showed us the name of the waypoint?



Next waypoint


You have asked that, please see the answer above.

Other users have not commented on how this would be useful or implemented
and if other navigators have it and how they display it.

Maybe it’s more interesting to know where we’re going and not when we got there.

Maybe it could be defined somewhere if the first line should show the name of the next turn statement (which in fact is already shown in the box on the left) or the name of the next via point and that the user set it to your preferences.

The top-left panel displays the next turn symbol.
The top panel also displays the next turn street (or via point).

Yes, the information on the next turn symbol is essential to know where to go. :slightly_smiling_face:
But perhaps some drivers will be more interested in knowing which waypoint they are going to than the name of the street they are going to on the next turn.
The name of the waypoint is placed by everyone when preparing the route, the name of the street may not give many people much information and will not make driving much easier. So maybe it would be good for the driver to be able to choose the information that will be most useful to him.

I also like the idea that the name of the next waypoint can be easily displayed. Additionaly the number of the Point should also be displayed. This is remembered even if you have not assigned a waypoint name.

Maybe a change that doesn’t require extra space can help: instead of the general waypoint sign, display the waypoint number right away:
2021-11-24 20_58_30-Navigation_ Display name of next waypoint - Discussion _ Android App - Curvy 2021-11-24 20_58_30-Navigation

Of course, displaying the waypoint name would be another improvement …


At least my Zumo660 and my BMW Navigator 5 do it in the same way as Kurviger does:

  • Name of point is shown when reaching point (that means no turn hints between current position and that point)
  • Navigator 5 shows only Names of ViaPoints (Shapingpoints are not shown in field). The Zumo 660 does not distinguish between ShapingPoints and ViaPoints.

But you don’t have to copy exactly what Zumo660 or BMW Navigator do but make Kurviger much better than the others :wink:

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When you make a route through places you don’t know the names of the street (or road) where you are and where you will go after the next crossroads they don’t help you at all.
If you do not know the language (like Farsi), it is even worse because you try hard to find out what it says but what happens is that it is even worse because you lose concentration on the route and make it dangerous driving.

You need to find a way to know where you are going.
Preparing the route if you have put well-thought-out waypoints, with the name of the place you are interested in passing and/or visiting would help you a lot.

The first image in the second box shows the road number and probably also the name of the road or place where you are.
In the first line it is supposed to say where you are going, but surely it is where you want to go?

For example, the first line could be used to show the name of waypoint you are going to, at least in case you have visible the partial kms and time to get there (image 1). In case you have the total route in time and distance it could be kept as it is now (image 2).

In image 3 you can see the name of the waypoint I am going “San Stepanos Monastery”

Image 1 - visible the partial kms and time

Image 2 - visible the total kms and time

Image 3

Thanks !

Please see the manual for what each navigation panel displays:
Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS Recording, Screen Lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

The first line has a specific purpose and other users may not want such change.

I will think about how it is possible and could be implemented.
(probably with another option)

Display of the next waypoint will be available as an optional extra panel.
When you tap the waypoint panel, the map moves briefly to the waypoint.


Available in Kurviger 2.2.9 (Beta).

It seems that the street names are shown in the panel although I have ticked off the checkbox. Same with turning instructions. Even if ticked off, they are shown in the panel.
It says for example “20 km Rice mill. Turning.” instead of “20 km Rice mill”
Show the next waypoint and the turning symbol in the panel with distance to it is nice, but not with written turning instructions.

If you mean the possible turn instructions (e.g. u-turn) on via points in the new panel,
it will be improved more in the next app update, so only the waypoint name appears.

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Yes thanks, that’s what I meant.

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The improvement will be available in the next app update.