Kurviger 1 vs Kurviger 2

I have kurviger pro 1.14.21 and Kurvige’r 2.2.20 on my smartphone and until now I only use Kurviger pro because I thought only the pro version allowed me to use GPS.
I just discovered that version 2.20.20 also allows this possibility.
The question is simple which one should I use with if possible the advantages and disadvantages of each version
Thanks in advance

New features and future development are only available in Kurviger 2.

More details exist in documentation:

Dear devemux86

Perhaps I am not clear inside my previous message :wink:
My question is, it’s possible or not to use Kurviger 2.2.20 as a GPS as my Kurviger Pro ?
Because, before to buy Kurviger pro it wasn’t be possible.

Best regards

What do you mean with “GPS”?
GPS location is always available.

Pro features available in the subscription are mentioned in the app description / documentation:

  • Voice navigation
  • Offline maps
  • Offline routing (fastest route)
  • GPS recording
  • Different route profiles for segments
  • Change the strength of avoidances
  • Show all curvy route modes at once
  • Round trips up to 600 km / 372 mi
  • Show multiple round trips at once
  • Advanced route transfer
  • Hillshading
  • No ads

Basically it is similar.

But instead of buing the pro version once, you have to pay for the subscription to use the pro features. (9.99€/year)

Imho it is definitley worth the subscription fee.
There have been added many new features.
And you support the developer. :smirk:

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kurviger pro 1.14.21 oder Kurviger 2.2.20

Bin begeisterter Kurviger Tourer und kurviger pro 1.14.21 Nutzer,
die einfache Ansage der Routenführung mit Offline Karten ist ausreichend für mich.

Hoffe daß kurviger pro 1.14.21 noch lange nutzbar bleibt, Kurviger 2.2.20
mit den immer noch mehr Einstellungen und Optionen ist mir zu überladen.

Eine Kurviger 2.2.20 Lightversion mit einfacher Routenführung wäre eine Option.

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You can build your own lightversion - just don’t use all these fancy features, like I do.


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