App: External keys

Yes, that’s what i mean! (i think :wink: )

I’d be very happy if paus/continue navigation would be mapped to a keystroke.

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Navigation button’s tap will be mapped to N key in the next app update.
(start / pause / resume navigation)


If there are any other suggestions about mapping app functions to keys,
please inform me and I will see what is possible.


Could you please also add a key map for follow location?


Location button’s long press will be mapped to F key in the next app update.
(enable / disable follow location)


May I also suggest a key for “skipping next waypoint” action while navigating?

Skip next waypoint can be mapped to S key in the next app update.


Available in Kurviger 2.2.1 (Beta).


Thanks, this works! Looking forward to better weather :wink:

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Another thought (that might maybe better have a separate ticket) is to record waypoints of interesting locations upon the press of a key on a keyboard.

Feature request

When i’m recording a track, i’d like to store a location by pressing a button on my external keyboard.

I control Kurviger using buttons on my handlebar (see Handlebar buttons – JaxeADV). These buttons simply send a keystroke via a bluethooth keyboard profile from an arduino device.

When i’m driving, i sometimes like to store a location because of the view, the conditions, or something interesting happened there. When i’m not driving, i can go back to the gpx track, and match the waypoints i created with photo’s, or look at the map of that location.

It would be very helpful if i can store a waypoint on the recorded track for this, simply by sending a keystroke.

Describe the solution you’d like

Have Kurviger also listen for ‘X’. Once this key is pressed, store the location as a waypoint on the currently recorded track.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The alternative is stopping, taking your gloves off, longpress on my current location, add favorite. This doesn’t exactly do what i want because it saves a favorite, not a waypoint along the currently recorded gpx track.

Also see

There are 2 different things in the request:

Bookmarks are for storing interesting locations.

If you ask to store bookmarks with external key,
I could see if it is possible.

GPS recording writes GPX tracks (not waypoints).

If the request is to add extra wpt in GPX recording,
we should move the discussion in a separate topic.

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If it’s (relatively) easy to store bookmarks, i would definitely use that.

To add waypoints to the recorded GPX track would ultimately be more beneficial in the sense that you can export the GPX and review the track including the annotated locations. This is just a thought.

This is possible, see operation guide:

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Add bookmark (with coordinates name) on map center (user location in navigation / follow)
will be mapped to B key in the next app update.


Available in Kurviger 2.2.4 (Beta).

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I’ve used it today for a little bit longer. It is really really useful (and awesome) to have this feature. Thank you very much.

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

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(based on this discussion)

We selected the keys for the “Keyboard” selection to match their functions:
C for center, N for Navigation, etc.

If they followed the alphabet, could more devices work with “Keyboard”?
[C, N, F, S, B] → [A, B, C, D, E]

Hello @devemux86!

Could you map a key to repeat turn instructions?