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Welcome, please read first!

WILLKOMMEN! Bitte vor Nutzung des Forums lesen!

News and Updates about Kurviger

Here the developers of Kurviger will tell news and give information about updates etc.


The main category of this forum: Questions, hints, suggestions etc. concerning the Kurviger software (web and app).

Contributions for the Kurviger Documentation

Comprehensive, correct and easily understandable documentation is an essential quality feature of software.
Like the software itself, Kurviger documentation is also created in close cooperation with the users.


Hello Kurviger users! Let’s stay in touch!

Nice Routes - Reports and Recommendations

You have created a nice route?
Let others participate and present the Kurviger file or link to the Kurviger route, perhaps with a few comments and/or pictures!

Forum inside

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Everything that does not match the other categories. Stories, jokes, comments regarding the weather, questions about the universe …