Lakes rendering on multiple maps

“Vegetation problem” :smile:
Ich kann auf der app im Ausland die Vegetation nicht sehen. Die Karte an sich wird gut und richtig dargestellt, aber, aufgefallen ist es mir in der Schweiz. Während der Bodensee noch blau ist, ist der Zürichsee ein weißer Fleck. Woran kann das liegen oder ist das normal so?

I can’t see the vegetation abroad on the app. The map itself is displayed well and correctly, but I noticed it in Switzerland. While Lake Constance is still blue, Lake Zurich is a white spot. What can that be or is it normal?
greetz :sunglasses:

Do you use offline maps? Which maps have you opened?

If have opened multiple offline maps and some overlapped water areas are not blue, can try instead open one larger offline map, like DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

If have opened one offline map, then could be problem in water polygon data in OSM which prevent the proper rendering.

“Vegetation” layer (for offline maps) is not related to water regions.

Testing, the Zurich lake appears correctly in blue.

I have a similar bug:
If I open both maps and, the Lago Maggiore and also Lago di Lugano are “gone”:

Both lakes are shown, if I open only one of the maps:

I have seen that with maps downloaded in september 2019, I did a new download of both maps this morning - same problem.

Kurviger Pro 1.13.14
Android 7.0 (API 24)
asus P027
2048 x 1536 (320 dpi)

How can I fix that?

Regards Markus

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Overlapping water polygons have such rendering.
Needs to be fixed in the (open source) map library.

You can open instead as a single map.


I fixed the overlapping map regions in the map library (mapsforge/vtm#903).
It will be available in the next app update.

Example of multiple maps:

  • germany/
  • germany/


Available in Kurviger 2.2.3 (Beta).

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Great, Lago Maggiore is visible if DACH und italie offline maps are aktiv. :pray:


The rendering of lakes has improved a lot, several lakes are shown now even if overlapping maps are opened: Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano, Bodensee, Lac Leman, … :+1:
But there still seems to be a problem, if too many maps are open.
Usually I am lazy: During vacation planning I open all maps which might be used at once, they are located in the same folder, so I can open them comfortably with one tap (select all):

All lakes I have checked are rendered correctly besides Lac Leman:

If I open all the maps besides spain (far away from Lac Leman), rendering works fine. Opening all maps besides portugal also works.

Opening all maps besides monaco does not work, but opening all maps besides liechtenstein works … :thinking:

As far as I checked all other “problem lakes” mentioned above always are rendered fine in Kurviger 2.2.3 - it is only Lac Leman which is not rendered correctly in some configurations.

Might be a memory problem, but opening many maps is my default: Usually I open all maps I have downloaded at once (10 additional maps of eastern / northern Europe), they are all located in one folder, so I can easy open them all with a few taps and do not have to care about opening the loaded maps.
Up to now I have not seen any bugs (besides the rendering of lakes), so I have some doubts if it is really a memory problem.


Thanks for the feedback.

I can see if anything else is possible.
OpenGL seems to have some limits…

Better for performance and memory to not open so many maps.

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A better rendering does not seem impossible. :slightly_smiling_face:

If there are more lakes covering multiple map files,
please write their coordinates, so I can test them.

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I have to correct: Also western part of Bodensee has some rendering problems:

Are you also interested in the lakes which are rendered well since last version (as far as I could see), but failed in previous versions? I hope, a kurviger shortlink is ok - or do you prefer coordinates as numbers?

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That was with the many open maps, right?

Unfixed lakes overlapping many countries.
(was more obvious with many open maps)

The open maps and a Kurviger shortlink are ok.

I pushed another set of improvements in mapsforge/vtm#905.
It will be available in the next app update (see above image).

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Yes, maps opened as mentioned in

Up to now I did not see further unfixed lakes.

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Improved in Kurviger 2.2.4 (Beta).


All “problem lakes” are ok - even if I open all maps I have downloaded.
Excellent job! :+1:


Fixed in Kurviger 2.2.20.