App: Navigation actions and options

Separate actions and options in active navigation.

Display them with simpler native Android windows
that work better with orientation and font changes.

Top left navigation panel:

  • Tap: show navigation actions
    [Skip next waypoint, Avoid roadblock]

  • Long press: show navigation options
    [Rerouting, Auto zoom, Voice guidance]

Please also think of a Cancel Button for as own and quick action in both panels for the case of mistyping. The less distraction by interlaced actions the better for motorcycling.

Native Android controls (as everywhere in the app):

(“Skip next waypoint” appears when there are following waypoints)

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I guess this helps a lot, would need to try. Would this be a fixed font size and color or also apply the custom settings for font size and color for the application (so that the functions are better usable with thick gloves)? The margins of the buttons and the distances between the buttons as large as possible (in case this is customizable)

All user interfaces in the app are similarly affected by the font and display size settings.

perfect, my thumb already goes up, although I can not yet test

Könnte man es irgendwie vor Betätigen des Buttons/der Schaltfläche erkenntlich machen, daß sich darunter 2 verschiedene Ebenen befinden, welche man mittels verschieden langer Tastenbetätigung auswählt? Manchmal denkt man nicht mehr daran daß unter dem einen Button 2 Funktionen versteckt sind. Klar, manchmal probier ich es auch einfach aus, und finde dann zufällig die gewünschte Funktion.

Vielleicht eine kleine Indizierte “2” oder sowas?

Everyone should be used that on Android all touch actions are divided into “tap” + “long press”.
Android apps offer different functions per touch type: frequent actions vs non frequent options.

They can be discovered or seen in the manual:

Available in Kurviger 2.2.8 (Beta).

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On the last tour I came across a problem when toggling voice guidance on/off from the main navigation screen. What I did is to long-press the top-left box, which contains the next turn instruction. This opens a menu to allow toggling automatic rerouting, auto zoom and voice guidance. Now, strangely, when toggling voice guidance the other two options are effected as well. I constantly got the rerouting turned on this way. It could only be switched off again by going into the menu.


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Thanks for the report.

I can only reproduce it with rerouting and auto zoom options.
It will work correctly again in the next app update.

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It should work correctly in Kurviger 2.2.18 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.