App: Animated location

Provide option for location animation / interpolation for more smooth movement in navigation / follow.

Available in Kurviger 2.2.4 (Beta).


For anyone testing this function,
to understand what is happening on your device:

Please write detailed reports with videos if possible.

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Where do I have to put the focus on when using this function? Also what does it mean: “Ausrichtung Grenzwert” set default to 10 km/h

Please see the feature description:

Unfortunately the movement is too slow. In curvy areas I am 2 curves in front of the location movement then. I had to switch that off.

Thanks for the report.

More details are needed: speed, location service, Kalman, other settings, …

It depends on the driving style, GPS sensor, speed, etc.
That’s why it is optional, like the other functions.

Ok will try to collect more information. Yesterday speed between 90 and 130 km/h, Kalman active, GPS Android. But I can very good live without smooth movement.

Animated location isn’t very important for me - I don’t look at the navigation system all the time. Anyway, to know the difference I drove the same short route once without and once with animated location - here the two videos side by side:

I like the right version more - thanks for the idea and the realization, Emux!

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Thank you very much for the videos! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Kalman filter was off?

I will see for more improvements in the future.

Oh sorry - yes it was off, probably switched off accidentally when switching back and forth of animated location.

No problem. The 2 settings work differently, but can be combined.
Kalman filter can further help with GPS estimation (extrapolation).

GPS location updates are at their best every second.

You can use the “Kalman filter” to estimate intermediate locations.

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Ah ok denn du schriebst Kalman Filter abschalten wenn man Google testet und das hatte ich natürlich gemacht. Wenn es mit dem aktivieren dieser Funktionen wieder flüssig läuft, bin ich glücklich.

This is because location service tests must be performed without auxiliary functions.

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Today I did a (very short) test of animated location.
Map movement was perfect smooth but map orientation was lagging a few seconds behind reality.

When I have time I will try to do more testing.
Especially the difference between Android and Google location service.

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Thanks for the testing and the detailed report!

Kalman filter and animated location work differently:

  • Kalman filter estimates the intermediate locations until next GPS report.
    (not rotation)

  • Animated location animates the map to the next location.
    Including rotation, although rotation seems to react more slowly.

There is always room for improvements in these advanced algorithms… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This setting is only important if an offline map is used.