Routenberechnung im WLAN JA - bei mobilen Daten NEIN

Thanks for the report.

How do you know that the mobile internet really works?

Have you upgraded the Android?

Huawei P30 lite had Android 9.0 (Pie) and can be upgraded to Android 10:

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Mich erinnert das gerade an die Problematik mit SALT.

Wenn es nicht am Gerät liegt, dann eventuell am Provider, schau dir mal dieses Thema an:

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Ja, die Internetverbindung funktionierte einwandfrei. Auch mein Android ist auf dem neuesten Stand.

Yes, the internet connection worked perfectly. My Android is also up to date.

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Please first check if the website works with the mobile internet.

Kurviger routing in the app uses the website server.

Die Routenplanung über die Webseite funktioniert völlig problemlos.

The route planning via the website works without any problems.

Das wäre schade, denn es würde wohl alle O2-Kunden treffen.

That would be a shame, because it would probably affect all O2 customers.

If Android was upgraded from 9 to 10,
then maybe Android or OEM changed something.

How do you verify that inside the app?

Do the online maps work?
Does the online search work?
Only the online routing has problem?

Do the online maps work?

Yes, it works.

Does the online search work?

Yes, it works too.

Only the online routing has problem?

Yes, I only have a problem with the routing.

Dann ist es nicht das gleiche Problem wie Salt :+1:

What option do you have in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”?

I tried the first two options:

  1. Kurviger (online)
  2. Kurviger (online)
    BRouter (offline)

Have other users seen any problems in online routing with mobile internet?

In the last year everything went smoothly with my friends too. Unfortunately, I can’t make any statements about the time since the last update.

I ask the other users in the forum:

Online Routing is working fine here.
Provider is ALDI-Talk which basically belongs to Telefónica aka O2 in Germany.

Let’s please keep the discussion in English when it was started in English :slight_smile: thx

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Works like a charm w/o WiFi here in Sardegna.

I will see if there can be any improvements in next Kurviger 2 (Beta) update.

However, most users do not have any problems with their devices / networks,
so the results may differ.

Nevertheless, thanks for trying!


Android internet control is improved in Kurviger 2.2.20.