App: GPS-Höhe auf Meeresspiegel?

Hallo zusammen,
die App zeigt die Höhe auf GPS- Ellipsoid und so wird sie auch im gespeicherten GPS-Track angezeigt.
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit diese auf Meeresspiegel zu justieren?
Für eure Antworten darf ich mich schon jetzt bedanken!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Android documentation mentions that GPS altitude is:
“…in meters above the WGS 84 reference ellipsoid.”

It would be useful to have an app option to apply the sea level adjustment, but working offline.

There are reports that some Android devices apply the correction returning altitude above sea level.

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As some devices apply the altitude correction (reference ellipsoid vs mean sea level).

Next app update will have an option to read GPS altitude from Android or sensor data,
which can provide the altitude above mean sea level.


Available in Kurviger 2.2.1 (Beta).

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

but in my case is not working. I got same bad altitude both setting - system and sensor (MSL).
I try it on two phones.

You need to restart the app after changing the altitude setting.
Try a different option in “Settings | Location | Location service”.

It depends on the Android / sensor implementation on each device.
(tests on OnePlus show different values)

Some devices may apply the altitude correction on GPS responses.
(so the values appear the same)

However, sensor NMEA data reports altitude above mean sea level.

I understood and after I change setting I always restart apps.
I had to change all combinantion with Location service and Altitude but not found correct combination.

I check it with app GPSTest (it is opensource) and there are working. I can see Alt and Alt (MSL) and second one has correct value.
Sourcecode are on github and i found the code : gpstest/SignalInfoViewModel.kt at master · barbeau/gpstest · GitHub

and there is MSL parser gpstest/ at master · barbeau/gpstest · GitHub

What Android and devices did you test?

What do the other users see?

(the feature was available in Kurviger 2.2 (Beta) for several months without reports)

Samsung S7 and Android 8
ad primary phone for navigation is Samsung J5 with Lineage OS 17.1 (Android 10)

Always I have app on foreground.
I’m using app from beta channel

Android versions seem ok.

As Android NMEA listener became non operational on Android < 7.

There will be improvements in the next app update.

Perfect, thx. I will check it.

Improved in Kurviger 2.2.27.