Speed limit display vs Font size

Hi, a small issue found with the speed limt display.
The Speed Limit of 100 does not fit into the displayed sign.
Either the font size or the sign should be adjusted.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the report.

Please provide an image and your settings,
so we can understand the report.

Instead of changing the “Settings | Application | Font size”,
you can change the “Settings | Application | Display size” and the sign + text will be larger.

Font-Size is 130 % and Display Size is 100%

The panels left and right are adjusted according to the font size. Could the size of the speed limit not also be adjusted automatically?
Increasing the display size means everything buttons,… is increased. I only want to have a larger font for better reading and keep the other things normal.

You can use the “Settings | Application | Display size” to adjust all display elements.

Maybe, I will see.

Thanks in advance.
For me Kurviger is the best Navigation App on Android together with Wunderlinq.
Keep on the good work.

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Thanks for the report.

It will work properly in the next app update.

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It should work properly in Kurviger 2.2.19 (Beta).

Thanks for the report!

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Works great, thx

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Fixed in Kurviger 2.2.20.