App: Auto hide via / shaping points

Zum Abfahren der Route brauche ich die Zusammenstellung nicht, sondern nur zur Übersicht, zur Dokumentation einer Reise. Aber richtig, das ist kein must-have, mehr ein nice-to-have. Ein Wegblenden der Zwischenziele und/oder der shaping-points, wie auf der Web-Anwendung, wäre ebenfalls eine Lösung.

I don’t need the compilation for routing, but only for an overview, to document a journey. But right, this is not a must-have, more a nice-to-have. A solution would also be to hide the intermediate destinations and/or shaping points, as in the web application.

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…or “s” to hide shaping-Points :wink:

I may add an option to also hide the waypoints.

(like currently the turn instructions)


Hmmmm - warum nimmst Du nicht die Webseite zur Dokumentation? Das geht eh am PC viel besser…

Falls es unbedingt in der App sein soll, kannst Du die Route auch exportiren und nur als Track wieder importieren. Die Darstellung des Tracks ist ja konfigurierbar (Farbe, Linientyp und Linienbreite).


Guter Tipp! Danke!

In the next app update there will be a new setting
to select the zoom level of the waypoints display.

Available in Kurviger 2.2.7 (Beta).

[DE] Ich habe 2.2.7 gerade installiert und mir die Funktion sofort angeschaut. Sieht sehr gut aus! Ein Wunsch kam jedoch sofort: Kannst du eine getrennte Zoom-Stufe vorsehen für Wegepunkte und shapingpoints? Dann könnte man die shapingpoints ausblenden und die Wegepunkte anzeigen lassen. Das wäre großartig!

[EN] I just installed 2.2.7 and looked at the function right away. It looks very good! However, one wish came immediately: Can you provide a separate zoom level for waypoints and shapingpoints? Then you could hide the shapingpoints and show the waypoints. That would be great!

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Please could you give the option to switch off auto hiding of waypoints (like turn points, I do not want to hide them)?

Furthermore - from my point of view - the default after installation should be “off”: I updated new version due to “go to next waypoint” option (unfortunately without reading full version comments) and was wondering why I could not see any waypoints.
I did several tests and even started to write a report - but then read version comments first :innocent:.
But I think especially users using automatic update will be surprised if they open a route and can not see any waypoints…

Besides that: Both hiding funktion work fine :+1:

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We could have separate zoom levels for via points and shaping points.

And start + destination waypoints be always visible.

I will change the titles of the settings to be more understandable.

The “Off” selection turns off the display of turn instructions in all zoom levels.
Like the old checkbox. Actually it is similar like selecting the max zoom level.

To disable the auto hide of waypoints, we can set a smaller min zoom level.
Now it is “8”, I can allow it to map’s global min zoom level “2”.

See above what the “Off” means in the slider.
You probably ask for an always “On” option.

We could set the default to (new) “2” to always be visible.


Thanks for the feedback - you are right, I misunderstood the meaning of “off”.

I would appreciate that :+1:, thanks.


So slowly it becomes too colorful. what are all these special requests that no improvement but only lead to more complexity?
Here, for example, the waypoints, these are existentially necessary to plan a route or to adjust this in the app. Just because one believes he does not get a nice screenshot without this “adjustment”.
Yes then import your route as a track, then a “nice” photo can be made, a planning or change needs yes probably not.
How do I get the waypoints back ?
And in any zoom level ?

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I just dropped my zoom level to 8. all good

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Please read the discussion above: set the zoom level to the minimum.
Min zoom will be smaller in next app update, so they are always visible.

Note that it is a Beta version and we discuss improvements and defaults. :slightly_smiling_face:

Other apps have similar function, it appears to be useful to many users:
(as an option)

Separate via / shaping zoom and other discussed improvements will be available in next app update.

Separate via / shaping points zoom settings are available in Kurviger 2.2.8 (Beta).

Works well :+1:, thanks!
Also always showing all waypoints by setting both zoom levels = 2 works.

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

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Bei mir geht das auch schon alles in 2.2.19