App: Map performance

Offline maps use extra simplification in zoom levels 8-11,
because in the past users asked for better performance.

It may be useful for some heavy maps on some devices,
e.g. Germany vegetation, Netherlands vegetation / water.

In many cases it is not required, so it should be optional.

Available in Kurviger 2.2.3 (Beta).

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ich verstehe das noch nicht richtig.

Wird bei Qualität die Karte besser/schöner dargestellt und wird dadurch langsamer und bei Leistung ist der Schwerpunkt der Geschwindigkeitsaufbau der Karten und nicht die Optik?

Correctly, as each device has different specifications.

You can load an offline map, go to the zoom levels mentioned in the description and test it.
(checking vegetation and water)

Wie werden denn Online-Karten behandelt. Sind diese im Qualitäts- oder Leistungs-Modus?

This is a feature of offline maps.

And the online bitmap maps are images prepared on the server.

Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

An update of online vector map (Mapilion) made it heavy at low zoom levels (≤ 11).
(maybe that’s why some users complained about map scroll / zoom performance?)

We can make the new “Settings | Map | Rendering” work for online vector maps too.
i.e. select quality or performance in map rendering.

Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.25.