Destination import from c:geo app not working anymore


I like to combine 2 hobbies Geocaching and motorcycle. I was able to use Kurviger as external navigation app right out of the cgeo Geocaching Android app. I tried after some months yesterday and it failed with “kein Treffer”.
Seems like the input format given by cgeo is incompatible with newest Kurviger pro 1.14.21 now.I don’t know if the API changed on Kurviger pro or if cgeo changed something. I guess cgeo handles over lat and long coordinates and Kurviger cannot handle it anymore. Pity it was the main feature I used.

Is there something known already or can I produce any logfiles to figure out what went wrong?


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Thanks for the report.

What is your Android version?

Can you describe the steps, how this communication is performed?
Do you export a gpx file from c:geo and import it in Kurviger?

Have you asked c:geo developers in their repository?

c:geo is a nice app and its developers contribute to the map library they use in their app.

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Or they need to declare now the other apps in their manifest?
(they have already done so for some apps)

Hi , wow quick reply. Thanks.

Android is 11 see screenshot

I recorded a video while opening

And no I did not contact cgeo team yet. I am fimilar with forums but not with GitHub stuff.

Best regards


Thanks for the extra information.

I asked c:geo developers in their repository, let’s wait their response:

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Many thanks!


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c:geo developers explained the structure of their “geo:” intents.

There will be improvements in reading “geo:” URI in the next Kurviger update.
(and the calls from c:geo should work correctly)

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nice, many thanks!

not urgent hence season is over anyway, but can you imagine next planned release date just for curiosity?

@der_jensn thanks for the report!

I can not know at the moment, we’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:
It also depends on whether anything else is reported in the near future.

You can test it in Kurviger 2.2.1 (Beta).

Hi devemux86,

I accepted your invite to the beta version (thanks for that) and its working fine now again.

But now I have 2 icons a green one (beta) and a grey one. I purchased the PRO version 1.14.21 last year for one time 9.99€. But the working beta seems to have now an ABO modell. If I want to use the navigation in the beta I have to pay again. This is really sad. Or will later on an update for the other PRO version follow?

many thanks for your help anyway

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Kurviger 1 Pro is maintained for current owners.
(it receives important updates when needed)

New features are added in Kurviger 2.

For more details please see:

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Fixed in Kurviger 2.2.20.