App: Scroll map to next / previous waypoint


I would like to propose a planning feature for the APP, which allows me to navigate from way-/shapingpoint to way-/shapingpoint (back and forth) and keep the zoom level at the same time. The idea is to step through all points and refine the position if needed.

At the moment one has to completely zoom out and then zoom in at each and every point only to double-check the exact location.

This is a similar feature as: focuse-next-waypoint-after-delete


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Thanks for the suggestion.

This would require new buttons on the map and a more complicated user interface.

This is not a similar suggestion, as that one is about the waypoints list screen.

I also would like such a function.

From my point of view two additional buttons (previous/next waypoint) should be visible only in planning mode, but not on navigation mode.

To reduce the effort, it might be sufficient to pan the map, so that the next / previous waypoint is in the center (no crosshair or something special to mark it).

For me it is not clear, which would be the next/previous waypoint, if buttons are pressed 1st. Options:

  • go to start / destination depending on direction
  • go to waypoint nearest to current center of map

There is no explicit route planning mode.

Like the previous and next buttons in navigation simulation.
(working differently on tap vs long press)

Yes :+1:, but snap only to waypoints (not to turn points).

Question: Long tap in navigation goes to start/destination - ist there a possibility to change it to previous / next waypoint (would be a workaround)?

That UI only works in navigation simulation, so it is not very useful in route planning.

(if you suggest for the navigation simulation, please create a new topic)

Thanks for the feedback. No - I just wanted to know if there is a setting / option which I could not found. I understand: There is no such option, and I do not want to suggest it.

It could be with 3 buttons (1st image):

  • :arrow_left: Previous waypoint (long press → first waypoint)
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: Exit
  • :arrow_right: Next waypoint (long press → last waypoint)

Initiated by route (long press) menu, starting on the nearest waypoint.

Switching places on the screen with the crosshair function (2nd image).


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Available in Kurviger 2.2.7 (Beta).

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Works fine, very comfortable, especially for checking all waypoints in high zoom level :+1:
Question (I did not get it): What is the function in the 2nd preview picture, and how can I get there :thinking:(probably a user problem :innocent:)?

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Can you please explain the steps again? I don’t see these buttons

The function is available in the menu of the route.
Long press on the route and select “Waypoints”.

It is the crosshair function, used wherever a map position is selected.
Position buttons switch with waypoint buttons until position selection.
e.g. long press on a waypoint and select “Move”

I also had a problem with getting to the new next/prev waypoint buttons, but once I did, I find this functionality very useful. Thanks!

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I updated the changelog description to better mention the new “Waypoints” route menu entry.


I have just seen that the “next waypoint” function zooms in to minimum zoom level in which waypoints are displayed (when started and when next/previous is tapped) - that is a very nice feature, I like it :+1:

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In the next update it will zoom in to the min zoom level of via or shaping point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry but I still can’t find the new function “Jump to the next waypoint” I am on 2.2.7 Beta and read in the changelog description that is it available in “Waypoints” in (long press) menu of the route. Do you mean in Menu then Routing then Waypoints? There I see all my Waypoints as a text and then long press where? Where is the menu of the route?

The menu of the route appears when long press the route line on the map.

Thank you. Now I get it. Nice feature :slight_smile:

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