Kurviger 2.1.11

Kurviger 2.1.11 is on Google Play:

- Routing: straight line route profile (Pro)

It is now possible to connect sections of the route with a straight line.
You can change the profile color in “Settings | Routing | Straight line”.

Navigation with straight lines works if you turn off automatic rerouting.

- Navigation: screen saver in navigation / follow (Pro)

Navigation / follow have a screen saver: the app display turns black.
(works best with dark theme and fullscreen mode)

The screen turns on at voice instructions, before turns, when be off route and touch the screen.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Screen saver”.

- Navigation: strict route following (Pro)

Navigate along the route without shortcuts or optimization.

Available as checkbox in “Settings | Navigation | Strict route following”.

- Navigation: text-to-speech processing (Pro)

You can enable a pre-processing of text-to-speech instructions.
(it may be useful for engines other than Google text-to-speech)

Available in “Settings | Voice guidance | Text-to-speech”.

- Tools: GPS recording dialog (Pro)

Also available in menu “Tools | GPS recording”.

- Map: disable follow location

Follow location can be disabled when long press the location button.

- Map: charging stations in map layers (Pro)

It requires new offline maps.

Available in menu “Map | Map layers”.

- App: color outline option

You can turn on / off the icon and font outlines in the display panels.

Available in “Settings | Application | Outline”.

- App: Carpe Iter external input device

Carpe Iter has its own profile in “Settings | Application | External input device”.

- App: WunderLINQ zoom or move

You can select zoom or move for WunderLINQ in “Settings | Application | External input device”.

- App: Android 12 compatibility

- Various improvements

Thanks to everyone who participated in Kurviger 2.1 (Beta) program!

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:


Wish I could :heart: this five times! Great job as always


Kurviger 2.1.9 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements

Kurviger 2.1.10 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements

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Kurviger 2.1.11 is on Google Play:

- Various improvements

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I love that you can now adjust the centering of the map view in seconds.

Is unfortunately not offered to me as an update

Can confirm, not visible for me yet either. Probably emux is using a staged rollout, I’m not 100% sure whether Google actually shows the update to people who are actively looking into an app but not in the percentage-group for the rollout yet. Event though as an app developer myself I should probably know that :sweat_smile:

Please be patient…

Releases are managed by Google.

It was released.

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In my experience it usually takes only a few hours or up to 2 days between the announcement here in the forum and the actual release in the playstore.

On my Phone, it takes always one ore more days.
And now it is here to bw updated