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I read that before writing my previous proposal, of course - but I do not fully understand the background.

But there was a similar topic with round trips on older Garmin devices: Bad GPS coverage or deviation from route @ start lead to direct routing to destination (skipping nearly the whole route). Garmin has (from my point of view) solved this with introduction of Via points and Shapingpoints: You have to reach each Via point, before the switch to next route leg is done (a leg is the part from one Via point to next Via point) - a manual switch by skipping next ViaPoint is possible.

So using some Via points in loops of the route avoids problems in round trips, trips having loops, an “8” (crossing itself multiple) and so on.

Recalculation of route during navigation means staying on same route leg - as long as you reach next Via point.

Consistent to that starting a route you can choose at which Via point to enter the route.

But I am aware of that implementing such a strategy in Kurviger App might be a huge effort, because it touches basic navigation strategy …


These seem to be interesting ideas, there may be navigation improvements in the future.

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Asking for a wp number to start a tour when reloading a tour sounds nice.

I only drive with option “strict navigation”, because I want to have control which wps to skip.
The only problem there is when I want to skip several wps at once, then the calculation is not interrupted. I have to wait until the calculation after the first wp skipping was finished. With poor bandwith and no automatic switch to Brouter this can take a long time. Don’t know if this is possible: I find it better to cancel calculation when a further wp is skipped and directly start with new calculation considering that possibly 2 or more wps have been skipped already within a short time.


  • No (auto)recalculation: That Kurviger can’t start navigation even when correctly positioned onto the last track segment toward the target Via Finish Point is remarkable.
  • (Auto)recalculation (due to off track or by a manual trigger): If resulting in an unexpectedly bad route trajectory proposal pse to be able to reject by offering an ‘undo’ function.

The very similar Locus (gpx) track navigation mode uses a gpx track with attached turn instructions & Via Points. At any “on track” position a navigation (re)start is possible without refusal nor hassle.

By the way.
The big advantage (as with the similar Locus gpx track mode) is that track navigation is immediately ready to operate without any (re)calculation as the necessary turn instructions and Via Points are already attached in the file. It is only when you subsequently change the trajectory, for whatever reasons, that you need a (re)calculation. Without route change, the file method is stable and independent of any mobile router machine(s) or routable map. A pure (Locus) track navigation can even be done without a map (or a blank) present. (Ideal for off road trajectory designs)

This is already available with “Strict navigation” option.

Kurviger allows to start the strict navigation anywhere,
then you must pass the waypoints in the correct order.

Perhaps this could only be active in “Strict navigation”.

  • The restriction only applies to “Strict Navigation”.

Available in Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta).

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.1.8.

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