App: Disable follow location

As we know, to turn on follow mode you have to long press the location button. The button changes color, we get a flash notification. It is convenient, intuitive and works well.

My suggestion is to disable follow mode using the same method, i.e. long press of the location button.

Currently, when follow mode is active and we move the map manually, we have to wait to automatically return to the current location (depending on the setting, this may take a long time, what we don’t want). Touching the location button only turns off follow mode and moves the map somewhere there. Perhaps it should go back to current location and continue with the follow mode.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you also mean when follow is enabled and tap the location button,
that the timeout expires and map view should auto center again?

(although technically the location button is already pressed)

Also pressing the back button disables the follow mode (like navigation).

Exactly. This would be a delay reset.

In fact, the button is already pressed… So maybe you can give up disabling follow mode with this button, and leave only the Back button for this purpose? To be honest, I have no idea why to turn off the follow mode while driving?

Android buttons are not intuitive enough to interact with app’s workflow.
They are provided mostly as a convenience.

The app user interface should already be able to cover all actions.


Available in Kurviger 2.1.6 (Beta).


Implemented in Kurviger 2.1.8.