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Wenn Sie den Track-Button ausgeblendet haben, gibt es keine Möglichkeit, auf das Trackmenü zuzugreifen. Man muss die Schaltfläche jedes Mal in den Einstellungen nur zum Speichern wieder aktivieren.
Es wäre besser, wenn man durch Drücken auf der Karte oder Tracklinie und das dann erscheinende Menü auch das Trackmenü angezeigt wird.

Es wäre schön, wenn man einen Track, der z.B. einige Tage aufgezeichnet wurde, automatisch in Tage geteilt wird. Eine Funktion, in Tage teilen, wäre sehr praktisch.

(Optimal wäre natürlich die die Speicherung immer pro Tag automatisch)

Thanks for the suggestions.

Please create separate topics for each suggestion.

About saving the recorded track:

Android forced scoped storage forces all file operations to ask for user permission.

It has already been discussed, the system is flexible:
GPS recording works with navigation or manually and
you can clear or export the recorded track at any time.

App is not a GPX analyzer, there are specific apps for that.
You can export the track each day and clear the database.

About extra access of the GPS recording dialog,
let me see what is possible…

GPS Menu could fit into “tools” menu.

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Perhaps the GPS logging Panel (term in operating guide) could be visible / hidden like the Screen buttons (Lookup, Menu, …).

  • in the GPS logging settings perhaps an additional setting “Hide with screen buttons”

A suggestion was to show the GPS recording dialog when long press the track path.

Interesting idea, though it may seem strange to auto hide one of the display panels.

There you are right.

But it is the only panel with such a combination of functions like the GPS logging panel.

  • active in different modes (navigation, follow, map)
  • showing on/off of logging
  • showing is there anything logged
  • opening a menu to select an action

At some panels you can switch between displayed info.

And there is only one additional panel to open a menu: The Direction panel in navigation. But this is only visible in navigation mode.

Therefore perhaps it is a possibility to make an exception for the GPS logging panel.

Only an idea. Perhaps worth a compromise.

Das würde ich begrüßen und es passt auch zu der allgemeinen Bedienung von Kurviger.

There is a problem: Often the track is like the route. When you have sections in the route to drive not only one then there is a collision of

  • tapping the route (short and long currently have different actions (info, menu))
  • tapping the track (short or long)
    Therefore long press of the track path is not such a good idea.

There is also the case when start recording (no track line).

So it looks more appropriate:

Although I would like the drawer to be simpler with fewer items.

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Deswegen sollte das Untermenü “Track” nur dann in dem Hauptmenü erscheinen wenn dort auch ein Track ist oder allgemein unter “Mehr”. Wichtig ist, dass es keine zusäzlichen Buttons in der Hauptanzeige gibt und das Tracknemü schnell durch Anklicken des Tracks oder des Bildauschnittes aufzurufen ist.

Available in Kurviger 2.1.7 (Beta).

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I was a little bit confused, because 1st option of GPS recording menu is always “Start GPS recording” - even if recording is already active.

So I think the menu item should be “Start / stop GPS recording” or - even better: “Start GPS recording” if recording is off and “Stop GPS recording” if recording is on.

Question: If the GPS recording display is off, is there any other possibility to see if recording is off or on?

The dialog’s content is the same as with the recording button.
When recording is active, the 1st option is “Stop GPS recording”.

The dialog is dynamic based on recording / database state.

When GPS recording display is off,
if you want to see its state you need to enable it. :wink:

Hmmm - I did some tries but forgot to enable GPS of android device. Currently I can not reproduce the behaviour - perhaps I mixed it up.

But nevertheless I do not get an 1st option “Stop recording”: If recording is active and I tap on recording display or use Tools / GPS recording, no menu is shown but recording is stopped directly (for me that’s ok).

It works exactly like the button.

The stop options appear when there is recorded data.
Perhaps we need to improve that workflow.

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.1.8.

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