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Website: Straight-Line / Point Planning mode / Plotting a track on unsurfaced roads

Hi. An excellent app. I’ve used it in the UK as well as on a recent trip to the Alps, Dolomites and Slovenia.
On the desktop version is it possible to plot a route which uses legal roads which are unsurfaced but Kurviger does not “see” as a road? Such roads are not uncommon in the UK. A few of these seem to be accessible through Kurviger but many are not.
I used to use MotoPlanner. This had a point to point route planning option which, although time consuming on long trails, was perfectly acceptable. If this is not available could it be added?
If I import a track which uses such roads it works fine. However, I would like the option to plan such a route.

Currently, it is not possible to use a point planning option to do this. This is a common feature request and we are looking for options to improve this.

In general, I believe that the best option is to improve the road data, so that Kurviger will route over a certain road. You can even do this yourself. So if a road is legally accessible and not too unreasonable, it should be possible to include it into Kurviger. Also see our documentation about this.

If you are interested in improving the data, feel free to post a short route that shows the issue and we can have a look if and how the data could be improved.

I am new to Kurviger, but I searched UI features, documentation, and forums before making this post. Take it easy on me. First, am loving Kurviger–it does a lot of things right! Many of my dualsport rides include creek crossings where the map might say the road dead-ends on either side of the creek. Some tools allow me to toggle between “snap to road” and “straight lines”. This lets me build a track on roads as normal, then draw a line across the creek, then continue with the track snapping to road.

If Kurviger does this, WOOHOO!
If not, this is my vote for a new feature.


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Thanks for the question. I moved you question into a topic that is also about this topic. It was a bit difficult to find, so I moved it to New Features as well and changed the title to make it easier to find.

If there actually is a ford, the best way would be to tag it accordingly and make it possible to route over it.

Nevertheless, I understand that this a an important feature. I sometimes struggle with this as well and a workaround is to plan two routes. One route up to the river, and the second route from the river onwards.

So this feature is on the todo-list :slight_smile:.

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Thanks. I think the issue lies in what is too difficult. There are routes I know which I would happily ride on one bike, but not another. If you take the TET (Trans Euro Trail) as an example all the roads are legal to ride. Many are tarmac, many are not. I don’t think it would be wise to add unsurfaced “roads” to Kurviger. However, if they couture be easily tagged and users could opt in then that would be fine.

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Kurviger already allows unsurfaced roads. You can choose to avoid them in the advanced options: “avoid unpaved roads”. So I think we are fine in that regard. I agree with you that Kurviger should not include any hardcore trails or the like. We currently don’t allow anything too hardcore.

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Dear all,
I am a newbe with Kurviger / this forum; I was using motoplaner.de for some time until final shutdown. Sad.

I am using the route planer function not for planning, but for documention of my trips - I do an export into KML file and list them in my growing diary to visualize them finally in the maps.me-app.

Unfortunately, Kurviger has some limitations I am not able to overcome: e.g. I cannot pass certain road-barriers, I cannot re-draw a boat- or train-trip (as was possible with motoplaner via the POI-modus), etc.
Motoplaner was perfect for my usecase, Kurviger seems the best available option - but due to the limitation not sufficient.

Are there similar requests? I found the FAQ about offroad-planning - which is not exactly what I am looking for. Is there any chance to get this kind of feature implemented in the near future?

Thanks for your support,

Thanks for the request :slight_smile:. Yes I moved you request to one of the topics that is about this feature.

In the future, yes. Near future, maybe, depends on what you define as near. This is not something we will add next week or the week after, but it’s something we would like to add in the future. Sorry, but we cannot provide any deadlines :frowning:.

It’ s really a pitty, but to find a solution for this old Motoplaner feature for me there was the only possibility to change (sometimes) to Komoot (with some other disadvantages).
May be in the future it’s possible to implement something here.

Best regards


“Straight line” profile can be implemented after and as part of “multiple profiles” feature:

[de] Das Problem mit unbefestigten Strassen haben schon viele hier geäußert. Die Antwort war bisher immer, dass kurviger nur “legale” Strassen routet. Aber das funktioniert nicht immer. Ich fuhr letzte Woche zum Beispiel auch den TET (trans euro trail) von Schwerin nach Lübeck. Ich hatte den Track, ja klar, aber mit kurviger kann die Strecke nicht geplant werden. Es wird einfach nicht dort entlang geroutet, obwohl alle Wege legal zu befahren sind.

Mein Vorschlag: Schafft doch neben dem Motorrad- (KFZ-) Profil auch ein Fahrrad-Profil. Damit wären dann alle Wege erlaubt, die auch mit dem Fahrrad befahren werden dürfen (Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen wären dann natürlich verboten).
Vielleicht käme man so aus der rechtlichen Nummer raus.

[en] The problem with unpaved roads has been mentioned by many here. The answer has always been that kurviger roads only route “legal” roads. But this does not always work. Last week, for example, I drove the TET (trans euro trail) from Schwerin to Lübeck. I had the track, sure, but with kurviger you can’t plan the route. It just doesn’t get routed that way, although all tracks are legal to drive on.

My suggestion: Creates nevertheless beside the motorcycle (KFZ) profile also a bicycle profile. This would allow all ways which can be used by bicycle (motorways and highways would be forbidden).
Maybe this would get you out of the legal number.

Hallo Georg, wenn Du bei Routenberechnung nur BRouter einstellst und diesen mit dem Profil Trekking oder Enduro nutzt müsste die TET zufahren sein, oder? Hast Du das mal probiert?

Also das Problem ist, dass die OSM Daten in dem Bereich oftmals nicht gepflegt sind, da hilft nur, Fehler verbessern, meist sind es gar nicht so viele Probleme.

Ein Fahrradmodus oder ähnliches halte ich für nicht sinnvoll. Es geht ja nicht um die rechtliche Nummer, sondern, bei einem Fahrradmodus kommen keine Routen raus die man als Motorrad-Fahrer fahren darf. Für TET und ähnliches müssen wir mal schauen was wir da machen können. Da soll es schon mal eine Lösung geben - wie die aussieht kann ich aktuell aber noch nicht 100% sagen. Ich würde eigentlich einen Enduro-Modus besser finden als ein Fahrrad-Modus. Wie sinnvoll sich das umsetzten lässt muss man sich aber im Detail anschauen.

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Nein luckytown, das mit BRouter ist mir zu kompliziert. Ich habe aber kein Problem, einen Track nachzufahren, das geht schon. Nachteil ist aber eben, dass erst einmal ein Track da sein muss. Und den kann ich mit kurviger nicht erstellen.

No luckytown, the BRouter thing is too complicated for me. But I have no problem to follow a track, I can do it. But the disadvantage is that there has to be a track first. And I can’t create it with kurviger.

Ja, und? Steht denn auf ewig fest, dass kurviger nur für Motorradfahrer da ist? Wenn ich als Motorradfahrer so eine Fahrrad-Route fahren würde, läge es ja sowieso immer in meiner Verantwortung, verbotene Wege nicht zu fahren.

Yeah, so? Does it say forever that kurviger is just for motorcyclists? If as a motorcyclist I would ride such a bicycle route, it would always be my responsibility anyway not to take forbidden paths.

Ne, das sagt ja auch niemand, aber einen Fahrrad-Modus einzubauen, damit man mit dem Motorrad frei über jeden Feldweg und Trampelpfad fahren kann halte ich nicht für Zielführend.

Eventuell kann man den Motorradmodus etwas freier gestalten.

Ein Fahrradmodus würde aber z.B. auch Fußwege, Treppen, etc. verwenden, das will man ja z.B. gar nicht (außer vielleicht mit einer Trial-Maschine).

Ja, das sehe ich ein. Vor allem auch, weil dann Leute “verbotene” Wege fahren würden und sich dabei auf das Routing von Kurviger beziehen. Das kann es auch nicht sein.

Mir kam eine Idee: Wie wäre es, wenn ich die Möglichkeit hätte, einen (nicht routingfähigen)Track anzulegen. Dann könnte ich mir mit Hilfe der Karte einen Weg festlegen, der sich nicht an Strassen orientiert, sondern nur von Wegpunkt zu Wegpunkt eine Linie zieht. Der Wegpunkt bräuchte nicht nummeriert werden, und er sollte auch nur ein kleiner Punkt auf der Linie sein, der jedoch verschiebbar wäre. Hier ein Beispiel (mit Basecamp gemacht)

Ich sehe gerade, dass die “Luftlinen”-Umschaltung (wie etwa beim ehrwürdigen Motoplaner) schon Thema waren und sind. Tja…

Yeah, I can see that. Especially also because then people would be driving “forbidden” routes and would refer to the routing of Kurviger. That can’t be it either.

I had an idea: What if I had the possibility to create a (non-routable) track. Then I could use the map to define a route that is not oriented on roads, but only draws a line from waypoint to waypoint. The waypoint would not need to be numbered, and it should also be a small point on the line, but it would be movable. Here an example (made with Basecamp)

I can just see that the “Luftlinen” switchover (like the venerable Motoplaner) was and is already a topic. Well…

Ja genau, dieses Feature steht auch weiterhin auf der todo Liste :). Das halte ich auch für sehr sinnvoll.

You already are on the feature topic, also there is another one for the app.
And they would need other features to be implemented first (app, website).

Please be patient, we cannot offer ETA, with so much work already done.

But app not only has route planning like Motoplaner but also navigation.
Straight lines in navigation? I have to think carefully if that is possible…

Ich hole das mal wieder hoch…
I push this once again…

This seems to be really a poor topic :roll_eyes: :confused: :slightly_frowning_face: :disappointed:.
Already flagged in '20 and probably even before and (as far as I saw) no real news from the programmers side on this very use- and helpful demand and function, having in certain situations the possibility to enter a “poin to point” navigation or a “Luftline”.
Unfortunately even my paid version didn’t have it so far :disappointed_relieved:
Although I’m not very familar programming this I assume on the other hand that it could not be that difficult since the “passed motoplanner” had this great function already in.
I really miss this feature and several times I receive total confused maps because of a couple of hundred meters or some kilometers where there are some issues in the OSM data, and the road/track is not seeing as beeing routable, although I know that it is.

So are there any news and feedback from programmers side - What is the status so far in 08/21. I’m really looking for it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers, Dirk

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