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Hello community,

As an Garmin user for years who´s looking for an non properitary alternative, I found Kurviger.
While generating first own routes I try to use different routing profiles for different sections of one route in a way fastes route from WP 1 to WP 2 (to reach the interesting area fast by using highways e.g.) and from WP 2 to WP 3, 4, 5 etc. using curvy route profile to have fun and from WP 5 back to WP1 (6) again using fast route profile to go home.
Till now I can´t find this feature.
Any hints or ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi Tom, great that you found us here.
We’ve had that discussion already a couple of times, for example here:

The short story is: it’s a feature that may come in the future but for now you can make multiple links or files and store them somewhere separately

Thanks for quick response.
Means Feature Request is already on roadmap.

Yes this feature is on our road map :slight_smile:


Meine Idee ist: Man fährt immer mit der schnellsten Routeneinstellen. Also mit Autobahnen. Abseits der Autobahnen setzt man Routenpunkte auf die Straßen, auf denen man längs fahren möchte. Ich plane also meine Touren weitgehend selbst und überlasse den Streckenverlauf nicht immer


Is it possible to create a new route with different types of creating the route. Like “shortest” in order to get fast to the destination and then “curvy” when reached the desired destination.
Is possible to do this in one route or do I have create 2 routes?

Not yet, but is already on the wishlist.

Use of different routing profiles within one route


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Merci. :slight_smile:

Is possible to do this in one route or do I have create 2 routes?

For my understanding you can create one route with “fastest” and drive to the desired destination (e.g. meetingpoint with friends). Example:
There just change the routing option in the app to “curvy” and the second part of your route will be “curvy”.

Currently, you have to create 2 routes. In the future, once this feature is included, it could be done in one route.

Agree with all the above: It would be great to add this feature, even if only for the web based route planner. So far I’m storing sections.
Thanks and congrats for the product.

Wouldn’t it be sufficient in most cases to be able to split a route into three segments?

  • Approach segment, usually “fastest” or “fast and curvy”
  • Actually planned tour segment, usually “curvy” or “extra curvy”
  • homeward or accommodation bound, usually “fastest” or “fast and curvy”

Just an idea, but following this, it would be sufficient to define 2 start points and 2 end points of a route, “start”, “start tour”, “end tour”, “end”, and two curviness options, one for segment 1 and 3, and one for segment 2. In theory this should allow to define different curviness with a minimum of extra stuff and a minimum of additional GUI options.

Does that make sense?


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Du kannst doch jederzeit in der APP von “kurvig” auf “schnell” umsteigen. Also:
Planung mit z. B. “extra kurvig” dabei nur den Teil “planen”, der auch so gefahren werden soll - Anfahrt und Heimfahrt planerisch ignorieren.
Von Start bis WP1 (Oberau) = Anfahrt (Autobahn)
Von WP1 bis WP7 (Irschenberg) = “Tour”
Von WP7 bis Ziel = Heimfahrt (Autobahn)
Vorm Start in der APP Routing auf “schnell” setzen und am WP1 ändern auf “extra kurvig”, dann am WP7 wiederum auf “schnell” ändern.
Das ist es!

You can switch from “curvy” to “fast” at any time in the APP. So:
Planning with e.g. “extra curvy” only the part , which should be driven also in such a way - ignore approach and journey home.
From start to WP1 (Oberau) = approach (motorway)
From WP1 to WP7 (Irschenberg) = “Tour” (extra curvy).
From WP7 to destination = drive home (motorway)
Before starting set routing in APP to “fast” and change at WP1 to “extra curvy”, then change it back at WP7 to “fast”.
That’s it!



It’s far from comfortable having to stop at an arbitrary point on a route (twice!), perhaps having to doff the gloves if they don’t allow using the mobile, having to open the menu, open the “routing” section, choose the “Options”, change from “fast” to “extra curvy”… and all that assuming one has mobile connection at that waypoint since rerouting with the new option fails otherwise.

The idea of the original request was to allow planning the entire route at home so as not having to do the above. I concur with that point. My suggestion was trying to discuss some easy way to implement this.



Sure it’s better

but it isn’t there - you have to wait for implementation.

On the other hand, “my way” works - today.

A generic method should be implemented to cover multiple route segments and all tastes.

It’s a nice to have feature, had not thought that too much, being occupied with other things.

For now can work (even offline) as @boldtrn described above (prepare home 2-3 routes):

Guys, I’m fully aware that there are manual ways to have a similar result right now. I was merely trying to make a suggestion for an easy way to implement this, nothing else.



Calimoto has this feature and it is really useful for planning. I set the waypoints, and then on a segment to segment basis switch between fast/…/curvy to decide which makes sense (based on the map) and whether I need another intermediate waypoint.

This setting should also be transferred to the app when exporting.

Yes, one can do all this with several saved routes, but that does require stops, loading a different route, examining it on the app to see if it (still) routes the way it was planned etc etc etc…

Meine Idee für den Programmierer wäre:
automatisches Nachladen einer Route wenn man ein Ziel erreicht hat!?
Könnte man durch passende Routennamen erreichen, z.B.
routenname03.kurviger usw…
d.h. sobald die App beim Laden einer Route eine Reihenfolge erkennt,
wird automatisch die nächste Datei geladen und gestartet.

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es macht zwar etwas Arbeit, aber es ist möglich die Anreise oder/und Heimreise schneller zu gestalten.

Ich gebe immer meine Zielpunkte die ich anfahren möcht ein. Lasse Kurviger die Route berechnen und sehe dann, wo ich die Strecke abkürzen oder schneller gestalten kann.

Mal ein Beispiel im Sandart-Modus:



Kleiner Abschnitt


Jetzt setze ich einfach ein Zwischenziel


und schon habe ich meine Autobahn. Wichtig ist nur die genaue Fahrtrichtung einzuhalten.

Nun die Stecke fast nur Autobahn und ca. 1 Stunde Fahrzeit gespart. Das Schöne daran ist, das Kurviger mir immer wieder die interessanten Straßen anzeigt.


Ich gebe zu, es sind einige Zwischenziel notwendig, um interessante Straßen und schnelle Strecken unter einem Hut zu bringen. Aber es hat keine 5 min gebraucht, diese Route so zu verändern.

Den Vorschlag von @Wolf fände ich schön bei Mehrtagestouren.


Da könnte ich meine Route in mehrere Teil-Routen zerlegen und wenn ich mein Ziel für Tag B erreicht habe und es ist noch Zeit, wird gleich die Route für Tag C geladen. Das ist aber auch bei einer Tasse Kaffee schnell erledigt.

Viele Grüße