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Sieht so aus, als hätte @boldtrn inzwischen noch was überarbeitet, das gab es am Anfang noch nicht :slight_smile:

Allerdings tritt dann Dein “Fehler” auch auf. Statt der Autobahn wird die L284 genommen. Das kann man wohl aktuell nur mit zusätzlichen Shaping-Points umgehen.
Denn QR-Code beziehst Du auf das teilen? Kann ich später mal zu Hause testen.

However, your “error” will then also occur. Instead of the motorway, the L284 is taken. Currently, this can only be avoided with additional shaping points.
Are you referring to the QR code to share? I can test it at home later.

Das ist richtig.

Stimmt ja, aber Sie können nicht das gewünschte ursprung design verwenden. Ich verstehe, dass ich das design (mit den Premium-Funktionen) als nicht-premium-mitglied nicht mehr weiter bearbeiten kann. Dies ist jedoch eine ernsthafte hürde: Wenn Sie als Premium-Mitglied Ihr schönes design mit Ihren followern teilen möchten, kann dies dazu führen, dass sich Ihre gruppe aufteilt. Dies ist möglicherweise eine konsequenz, die nicht beabsichtigt war.

+/- similar to

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Kurviger is an offline route format and will remain like that.

The website has the difference that is the routing server and always online.

Indeed that does not seem very user friendly.
All (new) blog or forum routes become useless if users cannot see them as advertised.

That should be the expected behavior.

Wenn die verwendeten Premium-Schlüssel für ein Nicht-Premium-Mitglied nicht in der Kurviger-Datei enthalten sind, können Sie dan in der App mit denselben Premium-Diensten nicht als solche neu berechnen. Aber zumindest können Sie dem ursprünglichen Design einfach passiv folgen ?
Die Pro-App hat schon dazu die erforderlichen Nutzerdaten, meldet diese beim Website-Router, und wenn als Premium erkannt bekomt so die richtigen Dienste.

Let’s keep the discussion focused on the website.

The app will support the new features in the future after their implementation.

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Import per Kurzlink und .kurviger-File einer Tourer-Route für non-Tourer funktioniert; beim Kurzlink erscheint ein Hinweis, der aber ignoriert werden kann.
Die Tourer-Route kann lediglich angeschaut aber nicht geändert oder exportiert werden ohne dass eine Konvertierung zur non-Tourer-Route erfolgt.

Ich finde das ist in Ordnung. Schließlich kann ich mit meinem SPIEGEL-Digital-Abo auch keinen Artikel an Nicht-Abonnenten weitergeben.

Import via short link and .kurviger file of a tourer route for non-tourer works; only with the short link a hint appears, which can be ignored.
The tourer route can only be viewed but not modified or exported without conversion to non-tourer route.

I think this is fair enough. After all, with my SPIEGEL Digital subscription, I can’t pass on an article to non-subscribers either.

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Der Fehler tritt bei mir auch so auf.

I also get the same error.

Wow, a great tool, so you can’t even share your OWN DESIGN freely.
Sorry but I find this contradictory. You do everything you can to provide your Garmin fellow riders with your beautifully designed Kurviger route. But no problem to exclude a part of the Kurviger (Pro) users that way. They are no longer allowed to follow?

Willy, right now all kurvigerPRO users can use the “beautifully designed” routes the same way: just follow it without recalculation. We will see, how multiple routes will be implemented in the app later. So no one is discriminated at the moment.
This thread belongs to the website - and Tourer have the ability to use more planning features. For me that’s okay.

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I think there is a misunderstanding Wolfgang. As you can’t even import the design correctly to be simply follow into the app. To put it in diplomatic terms, I think we are briefly landed onto the wrong track.
The item is about the shared Quick link and by QR code !
As this is the most popular sharing method in in messages or mail or websites)
By the link or QR code !
A non tourer can not download the ORIGIN design by .kurviger nor by .gpx files.
A non tourer can not open the ORIGIN design into the app. (Offers only the non tourer version);
The gpx file shared above by Wolf shows me the origin design yes.
So I suppose a .kurviger file (shared as file !) could be functional too.
But than please share me an original .kurviger file design for a test.
(Anyone with a tourer abo should be able to download and share this file

I took this example, exported it unchanged: Köln - Eiscafe Dolomiti, Daaden.kurviger (14.1 KB) and then imported it into kurvigerPRO with this result:

The same route as in

You again modified your last message … tztztz
Therefore: yes - the shortlink and the QRcode doesn’t work

Yep I did. I was further testing and added extra comment about the precise share method that causes these troubles in both web and app.
And yes confirmed. Sharing by a kurviger file method is functional.

Hi Willy,

according to your interest in tests of Kurviger Tourer perhaps you should consider to invest the incredible high amount of 2,49€ :wink: for a one month subscription.
And if you really think that this is too much money, you can cancel it within 7 days without any costs …
Or you are really wasteful and give a small fortune (9,99€) :wink: for one year and improve the Kurviger development with this generous support.
More details you can find in

And from my point of view: It was my exception that the Pro app can navigate with the .Kurviger generated by Kurviger Tourer, because that is the native format and the app can follow the turn instructions in it without doing a new routing.
And its really quite simple to share a file via mail, Google drive, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB cable, USB Stick, SD card, …

Additionally Wolfgang @zaphod_42 seems to have done a test - I see no reason to doubt this.

And due to the distributed development of web and app it is inavoidable that new features are not implemented in parallel - the alternative would be to retain new options - I can not imagine that anyone prefers that option. By the chosen way improvement (and perhaps bugfixing) can be done already with web variant, this might also save loops and effort in app development.

Regards Markus


Remember how much earlier the application had implemented the waypoint names and waypoint types.

The most important thing is not to break the compatibility.


Yes yes the misunderstanding was.
Item started by share by a shortlink of QR.

No reply no confirmation about directly sharing the file as I asked for.

Than by Wolfgangs answer: Is ok by link ? But I do admit than I than did miss his file hint.
Anyway problem is cleared now.

Markus, See my profile pse.
I do like this Kurviger app implementation and used methods and the total experience. Originally I had no intention to stay here for a longer time, so only was for a short test period. But I keep returning. Had it been an ugly application experience than I had been away and gone already before. But by improving and all latest nice powerfull updates this app is getting more and more attractive. I hope I do positively contribute at least a little bit. Regards !


@ rumbrummer Markus
As far as the non-technical part is concerned, I have the same message as to the witnesses of Jehovah that I sometimes get at the door. I’ve already been converted :wink:
Website online support is nice and the most up-to-date, but for a real 100% GPS function the offline performance is even more important. Different for everyone, of course.
No problem to contribute to a possible newly developed GH addon in the Google store to keep that GH offline functionality.

The documentation about multiple route profiles seems to need to be updated.

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