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As alongside several other posts mentioned, but still not listed here as an own feature:
I wish zoom level (between min and max with auto-zoom on) to depend (also) on speed. The slower you go, the more zoom (closer), the faster you go (or maintaining speed) the less zoom (further, more general view).

Hm could you add links in your original post to the other posts where this was already discussed please? I don’t actually remember that right now :sweat_smile:

Auto zoom discussion was here:


Currently there are no plans to change navigation’s auto zoom implementation.

Speed based auto zoom is error prone (GPS quality) and would be awkward to zoom in / out continuously with every speed change.

And what about a time delay or/and a minimum number of GPS-data in Auto-zoom reaction to get along with this issue?

Well many ideas can exist to fix device sensors. Implementing them is a whole different thing.
We already provide Kalman filter for GPS location.

At the end must weigh the work effort and the benefits. Auto zoom already exists in a more robust way.
Re-implementing it is not a trivial task and affects many nav things.

schließe mich der Meinung von KalleGe an.

Einen geschwindigkeitsabhängiger Zoom finde ich eine gute Idee, aber bitte nur im Folge-Modus. Beim Navigieren finde ich den Auto-Zoom sehr gut. Ist sehr Hilfreich, wenn ich wieder mal mein Display nicht gut erkennen kann :upside_down_face:

Bevor ich die Navigation einschalte, schalte ich immer erst den Folge-Modus an. So kann ich mit Hilfe der Navigationstaste zwischen den beiden Moduse hin und her schalten. Wenn dann der Zoom auch noch mit macht, wäre das Riesig. :+1:

Zwecks der Fehlerrate: würde es helfen, den Geschwindigkeitsbereich weiter zu stecken oder klar zu definieren.

Ist es möglich in der Kurviger App die Zoom-Stufe anzuzeigen?

In der Einstellung Zoom habe ich die Zoom-Stufe 12 abseits der Route. Bei der Navigation habe ich auch die 12 in der niedrigsten Auto-Zoom-Stufe. Mir kommt es aber so vor, dass die Zoom-Stufe beim Navigieren noch kleiner ist.

Das wärs erst mal mit meinen Anregungen.

Viele Grüße


Interesting idea. Speed based auto zoom was mainly discussed as alternative in navigation, but it may have its uses also in follow location mode.

Map scaling in app is continuous without fixed zoom levels.
Can see / set the fixed zoom levels via menu “Tools | Go to”.
I could think a way for improved zoom display or handling.

Hallo @devemux86

Die Zoom-Stufen bei der Navigation finde ich gut. Ist ja auch einstellbar. Vor allem die Zoom-Erhöhung kurz vor dem Abbiegen. Hat mir schon oft geholfen, wenn mein Display… Deswegen nur im Folgemodus.

Mir ging es eigentlich darum >>>>>>

Vielleicht hilft es, wenn die Zoom-Stufen und der Geschwindigkeitsbereich klar definiert ist, um die Fehlerrate zu verringern.
Kleine Vorgeschichte:
Bei der Navigation hatte ich am Anfang bei Auto-Zoom höchste Stufe immer die 19. Ich musste aber feststellen, dass bei kurzzeitigen aufeinander folgende Abbiegehinweise dies von Nachteil ist. Die 16 war mir zu klein. Jetzt Probiere ich die 17.
So könnte ich mir Vorstellen Zoom-Stufe x <30 km/h ; < 60 km/h ; < 100 km/h und < 200 km/h
Würde diese grobe Einstellung die Fehlerrate vom GPS verringern?

Viele Grüße


Speed in mobile devices comes from GPS sensor and there are several sensor qualities (good and bad) in many devices, affecting all location data: coordinates, bearing, speed, etc.

It cannot be as robust as distance based auto zoom (app current implementation).
Anyway I could look at it, needs also filtering, etc., when features list gets less full.

Since auto zoom already exists, other features that don’t exist have higher priority.

Hallo @devemux86

Ok, kann ich verstehen :grinning:
Ich werde mich mal die verschiedenen Zoom-Stufen ausprobieren. Ich denke Zoom-Stufe 12 ist schon mal gut für >100km/h

Das reicht für meine Zwecke :smile:

Viele Grüße

3 posts were split to a new topic: Distance based auto zoom

A speed based auto zoom configuration could be like (please suggest):

  • 0 - 15 km/h: zoom 18
  • 15 - 30 km/h: zoom 17
  • 30 - 60 km/h: zoom 16
  • 60 - 90 km/h: zoom 15
  • 90 - 120 km/h: zoom 14
  • 120 - … km/h: zoom 13

The user selected min / max auto zoom limits in settings can be applied on top.

When be away from route, should use off route zoom level or speed auto zoom?

Can start with a sane default config and will see for adjustable speed / zoom pairs.

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Ok for proposed speed based zoom levels. Maybe they could be user changed afterwards.

Min max auto zoom limits applied on top… Yes.

When away from route… Use off route zoom level.

Thank you.

I hope this shouldn’t replace the distance based autozoom and distance based will stay as an option :wink:

User selected min / max auto zoom limits are a must.
I am not convinced of the proposed speed and zoom levels.
Max legal speed in most countries is 100km/h (or less) so IMO zoom levels above 100km/h don’t make any sense.

But why not let the user decide?
Let the user set

  • max zoom level
  • min zoom level
  • the speed at above which min zoom level should apply.
  • and maybe even the speed below witch max zoom level should apply.

The App can than interpolate the levels in between.

Apart from that, I would set:

  • 0 - 30km/h: max zoom level (somewhere between 16 and 18)
  • ~80 - 90km/h and above min zoom level (somewhere between 14 and 12)


Auto zoom settings need to remain flexible & non complicated.
User adjustable speed / zoom pairs are difficult in many ways.

Can use the min / max auto zoom levels and interpolate between them for “some” speeds:

  • 0 - 15 km/h: max auto zoom
  • 15 - 120 km/h: interpolation between min / max zooms
  • 120 - … km/h: min auto zoom

A disadvantage of zoom interpolation is that it auto zooms continuously.
Even with speed filters. While with fixed pairs map remains more stable.

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But I really would change the speed levels :wink:

  • 0 - 30 km/h: max auto zoom
  • 30 - 90 km/h: interpolation between min / max zooms
  • 90 - … km/h: min auto zoom
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Could be min / max speed options, not speed / zoom pairs on every step.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.
IMO the min/max zoom level should be settable by the user (as is already the case).
The speed levels can be preset by the developer to reasonable values.

The min / max auto zoom level options are not going anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or at least offer min / max speed options depending the implementation.