App: Route transparency

Hi. Is it possible (and I hope without effort) to introduce an alpha channel/transparency into the color picker when choosing the color of the route drawing (and maybe the saved path)?

In addition, in my humble opinion it would be ideal to be able to move the route “to the bottom” - under a layer of roads, names and other symbols on the vector map - as I drew in the example picture:

I got used to such a solution during wonderful 100.000 km of numerous trips with my beloved Garmin 276c.

Thanks for the interesting idea.

Exists already in my list (so I move it in new features category).

Route overlay lines have also a stroke color, like all map roads.
Can offer semi transparent lines, but with removal of the stroke.

Cannot mix the rendering of overlays with map elements.
With translucent routes that would be even less needed.
Now for optimal result, routes appear below map labels.

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Thank you for your comprehensive answer.

Can the stroke not be semi transparent? But, while you add transparency, removing a stroke will probably not change much because this outline has no informative content (e.g. road category). It only looks nice. And yet the category is very important information, which is often obscured by an opaque route. That’s why I dreamed about the route below roads… But of course I understand the limitations :slightly_frowning_face:

Fortunately, as you wrote:

And thank you for that! This is very good and important for the readability of the route :ok_hand:

Road strokes in map engines are usually not ordinary line strokes.
More like wide stroke casings below with narrower fill cores above.

Making the fill translucent should reveal map, not the stroke below.

Translucent colors will be available everywhere in next version:


Great news! Thanks :slight_smile:

And now I’m thinking about the proposal to change the behavior of “auto-zoom” - specifically, the possibility of its locking/unlocking depending on the distance from the next turn… But I still do not know how to describe it in English to make it understandable :smiley:

Let’s discuss each feature in separate topics. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a proposal for speed based auto zoom:
(versus current distance based)

Yes, I was browsing this topic but my idea is a bit different - of course to discuss in the new topic!

Available in Kurviger 1.11.3 (Beta).

Hi. It’s cool! :ok_hand: It could be useful if the alternative gray routes inherited transparency from the active route :slight_smile:
And on the sections where they overlap, it would be good that only the active route was visible, so that their transparency did not overlap.

Interesting idea, I could see it, though each color has its own “best” transparency.

That would involve too much micromanagement and route analysis for simply overlay them.
Also overlapping is useful for many to check the common parts.

I’ll probably work on some new color algorithms, we’ll see what happens as a result.

Available in Kurviger 1.11.4 (Beta).

It looks very good. Thank you! I am really happy that Kurviger is growing :smiley:

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.