New auto zoom feature

Hi everybody.

I would like to thank kurviger team for their effort in this tool. Great app for Motorcycle riding.

I use the pro version and in the new release I saw the new dynamic auto zoom feature. It’s great when arriving to the next route point.

If possible, I would also like to propose to increase zoom depending on speed. If slower, more zoom (closer), if faster or maintaining speed, less zoom (further, more general view; or the current behavior). Maybe I’m wrong but I think the new version only works depending on the route points. Sometimes in the middle of the route there might be a route cross and it’s no easy way to know which way to go, so I usually go slower and take a quick look at the map. If it is too general, I don’t know which way to go either.

I hope this is of any interest.

Thanks again.

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Interesting proposal, thanks. What do other users think about this? Please let us know :slight_smile:.


i am not a fan of the new autozoom function. Normally when i am driving a curvy route i like it that it zoom is near. Then i have the possibilty to see how the curve will go (for example a wall blocks my view but on the navi i can see that the curve won´t be so narrow). With the new autozoom function it is not possible cause it gives a to much general view. The disadvantage is i can´t see the next turn on the map. Maybe it could be possible to improve this. If the route is curvy the zoom is big if not (motorway or streigt street) a wider view.


Hi, Stefan.

I think that, with my proposal, in a curvy route, you might probably go slower so the zoom will automatically be closer. In the app locus maps, it’s the way they auto zoom, and the speed and/or space-to-route-point are user customizable.

In the case you are presenting, which is also mine too in a curvy road, I would prefer to use the fixed zoom option to zoom level 16 (as I think it was before the new release).

Best regards.

I believe that speed dependent zoom is something quite normal
and should definitely be implemented. All of my dedicated navigation
units deploy it and some of the better mobile apps do it as well.

I also would appreciate if there was an additional option for a speed related auto zoom. Especially if driving through cities (usaually at a speed between 40-60 km/h) it is good to have a zoom level that allows you to easily identify all streets.

But (like Stefan alraedy stated) not everybody like those auto zoom function. So it makes sense if both of them (waypoint arrival and speed related) are just options to be switched on/off.

And to make it absolutely perfect, it would be great, if the maximum and minimum zoom level would be configurable (like it is now for the static navigation zoom level), so everyone can choose his perfect visualization for his personal needs and device capabilities.

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I would like to inject that zooming is usually done by the graphics subsystem, which is known to consume a lot of power, producing heat and CPU load.
For me, the auto-zoom can stay as it is now.

Womit bewiesen ist, dass einfach jeder andere Präferenzen hat. Deswegen finde ich es wirklich toll, DASS man in der Kurviger App solche Sache frei konfigurieren kann.

Ich glaube nämlich, dass die Art der Darstellung bei einem Motorrad-Navi extrem wichtig, aber auch individuell ist. Je nachdem, welches Smartphone man einsetzt, wo man es montiert, wie gut die Augen (noch) funktionieren und welche Art von Navigations- oder Orientierungsunterstützung man haben möchte, können die persönlichen Bedürfnisse sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen.

Deswegen ist meine Meinung: je mehr man individuell konfigurieren kann, desto besser. Auch wenn manchmal kritisiert wird, damit würde eine App nur unnöitg kompliziert. Im Endeffekt macht man so eine Konfiguration ja nur ein einziges Mal und dann passt das.

Insofern: macht weiter so mit der App!

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Thank you very much for all the kind feedback :slight_smile:.

Do I understand your feedback correctly, that you often found the auto zoom too small and in general you would prefer to see a bit more details but less overview over the whole route?

I think this discussion is very helpful :slight_smile:.

I like the new auto zoom.
In the “overview part” I would prefer a bit more details (more zoomed in), as Robin described it.

In general I like the slim and performant appearance of the app. You are doing a good job, not overloading the app with too many features


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Funny, but I would even prefer more overview and less details in the non-navigation view. I really think the best solution would be if min and max zoom level for both views would be configurable.

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Ich habe mir den auto zoom auch als wichtiges feature gewünscht. Und mit der jetzigen Funktion bin ich nach den ersten Fahrten sehr zufrieden. Die Übersicht vor allem bei unübersichtlicher Straßenführung ist deutlich besser.
Im Moment habe ich nur einen Verbesserungsvorschlag:
Gib der Software für das rauszoomen etwas mehr Wegstrecke. Es kann passieren dass du an einer Ampel stehst und die Karte wieder auf rauszoomen geht obwohl du die Kreuzung / Abzweigung noch nicht überfahren hast.
Sonst: Klasse Job

A more flexible and individual automatic mode would be great. Near, mid, long range is fine or a even better min/max scale with a slide control, also a speed option would be perfect. When the speed is higher the zoom should deepen (get bigger with a broader lane), so that you directly see the curvature of the curve (when leering at the display with the left eye and surveying the curve with the right eye … little fun)

I just see that jcalonsol interprets the speed option oppositional… less zoom with increasing speed… I would exactly prefer the opposite… more zoom with increasing speed up to a defined maximum… I don’t want to know where I am when driving fast… I want to see the bending of the next one, two or three curves big enough to adapt my riding style ( I am over 50 and seldomly fire with varifocals through the curve… that’s why I need a big lane on the display).

(We have a parallel topic here:
“Auto zoom: Difference between ‘Automatic’ and ‘Fixed”’?”.
Combine them?)

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Yes please, @Uli_LH can you do it?

Hi there,
did not understand the exact difference between “automatic” and “fixed auto zoom” - and did not find an explanation in documentation or FAQ or forum (sorry, if I missed something).
I noticed, that, if I chose “fixed”, I can choose the “Auto zoom level”, and if I chose “automatic”, this is not the case.
But what does this mean for “automatic auto zoom” - which zoom factor does Kurviger use in this case?
Or did I misunderstand this option completely?

In this mode, Kurviger chooses the zoom-level automatically :slight_smile:. The idea is to show a low zoom, when cruising (more overview), but showing details when turning.

The official announcement was made here.

Do you think we should document it :slight_smile:?


  • never :
    If you zoom manually, it will stay at that zoom-level
  • fixed :
    If you zoom manually, after some time it will change back to the fixed zoom-level.
    (Independent of distance to next turning point)
  • automatic:
    Automatically changes the zoom-level dependent on the distance to the next turning point
    (zoom in when approaching turning point, zoom out otherwise)

Yes, this is missing for automatic mode. :open_mouth:


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Thanks @Uli_LH for the question and @boldtrn + @linux-user for the answers!

They explain the functionality pretty well. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Automatic” option in auto zoom does not have currently extra settings.

We thought to offer predefined ranges for less settings:

  • Automatic (close-range)
  • Automatic (mid-range)
  • Automatic (long-range)
  • Fixed
  • Off

Of you find more suitable to retain current 3 options and offer instead zoom slider, like with “Fixed” zoom?
Though “Automatic” zoom has 2 values (min, max) so settings could become overcrowded. :thinking: