Kurviger offline routing


Is there a chance we get the same routing behavior in one of the offline routing engines (brouter or graphhopper)?


Not in the foreseeable future, sorry.

  • Kurviger enhances GraphHopper online routing for motorcycles.
    GraphHopper offline routing on mobile is different with limitations.

  • BRouter routing is done via its app and can be modified in many ways:

Thanks for all the details. I was aware of the brouter settings and have tested them as well of course. I was just wondering why the different handling (on- vs offline.) What you both are saying means there will always be a difference between planning/routing via the website vs. offline in the app, no matter what.

My experience with routing in the app so far is that, even if online, it can be hard to spot any unwanted side effects a rerouting may introduce (many of which were mentioned in various topics in this forum). This may be due to the smaller display on the phone or also because you don’t always want to spend as much time while on the road. The challenge usually is to stick to the original route as much as possible.


Ich sehe brouter und graphhopper Routing nur als Notlösung für kurzfristiges Routing bei Umleitungen oder versehentlichem Verlassen der optimalen kurviger Route. Ein 1:1 Routing ist für mich komplett unnötig. Hauptsache ich treffe so schnell wie möglich wieder die geplante Route.