„Off-route” sign triangle colour - network dependent

Hi. Is there a possibility - and of course a demand - to differentiate (e.g. different colouring) of a triangular sign „off-route recalculation” depending on the current network availability?

I use manual route recalculation relatively often and in my opinion it is important to know whether this is done on-line or off-line.

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The warning sign simply notifies when be off route.

App checks internet only on (re)route requests.

Internet state appears continuously in Android notification bar.

This is obvious and understandable, but I think Kurviger may know the internet state at any time, while displaying the triangle. And since I definitely prefer online recalculation because of the attractiveness of the mapped route, it is sometimes better (for me) to wait with recalculation until the network is available. I think that not only me :slight_smile:

Yeah… Apart from the fact of limited legibility of this microscopic sign while driving on a sunny day, there are those who don’t have it at all that due to full screen mode :smiley:

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We cannot duplicate all Android functions inside the app, that is not its purpose.
(some even asked to show the device time in navigation panels)

Then you can select only the Kurviger online routing service.

Obviously if use fullscreen will not see Android bar.
If need the Android bar’s info then not use fullscreen.


I fully agree with that. But the functions and informations of key importance for navigation should be easily accessible - for me, information whether recalculation is online or offline is crucial.

Although, of course, I still respect your priorities to keep the application as “clean” as possible and not overloaded with unnecessary functions.

However, I would not like to remain without the possibility of recalculation in an emergency, and in a place without internet coverage :slight_smile:

Now I have a hardware button that recalculates only when the network is available. Otherwise, I get a prompt to use an onscreen button :smiley: