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Kurviger Beta program

Kurviger Beta program gives users early access to upcoming features of the app, helps us identify issues and improve app quality, building a better experience for everyone.

If you’re interested in joining, please keep in mind that beta versions of Kurviger are early versions of the app and may be less stable than regular public versions.

To access and test the beta version of Kurviger:

  1. Go to Google Play and log in if necessary.
  2. Tap “Become a tester”.
  3. Download Kurviger from Google Play to update your app.

To stop using the beta version of Kurviger:

  1. In the Google Play tap “Leave the program”.
  2. Wait for the release of next production version of Kurviger, which will be installed on your device.
    Or uninstall the beta version of Kurviger app and install the public version from the Google Play.

To see if you’re testing the beta version of Kurviger, go to the Google Play.
If you see a message saying you’re not a beta tester, you can start testing.

We’ll announce the beta versions separately from releases in their own topics for discussion.


sorry, unable to do so.
You may have to elaborate a bit more:

  1. Go to Google Play and log in if necessary. PC or Android ?
  2. Tap “Become a tester”. into which field, where ?
    Following the link gives me:


Can do it on Android, but Google Play mentions that registration can work on desktop too (if login with device account).

Please see my last note, the beta version is not published / announced yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your account is currently not eligible to participate in the trial program for this app. If you’ve received an invitation to become a tester, you’ll need to sign in to the account named in the invitation. If you’ve been invited to a Google group or Google+ community as part of the program, you’ll need to join the appropriate group or community first if you have not already

Same on Android:

Registration should be open now.

sorry, still a NoGo.

What exactly, the registration or beta download?

It works here, have to wait for Google to publish properly in all regions.

I don’t know exactly, what you mean.
I would like to participate in the beta trial.
I click on the link provided in the mail and I get this no “not eligible” error msg.
If I go into play store and I click on the “Kurviger” App, I cannot find any “beta” download option. Pse refer to the error msg from 4h ago (translated), stil the same…
What do you mean w/ “Registration”

Google handles the whole workflow, so should wait to be available in all regions.
Do you login with device’s Google account?

The screens for become a tester or leave the program are the following:

I’m sorry,
Please for dummies! click by click(PC-Version)

Do you login with device’s Google account?
I have 1 google play account w/ several devices and I log in
I see a whole lot of useless ads4 Apps and I go to MyApps.
I click on Kurviger - No invitation/registration or whatsoever
Android Version
I press the Play store icon on my device
Play store opens
I see recommendations of useless stuff etc.
I open MyApps
No invitation,
Don’t know how, what to continue

Beta registration can be done also at PC via Kurviger Beta link on desktop browser.

After that should wait so that the Beta update appears on Google Play in the device.

Ich öffne den Link am PC, kann mich aber nicht registrieren.

Yep, still the same 4me

Some of my tests work, some don’t with same message.

If search internet can find far too many questions with “Your account isn’t currently eligible for this app’s testing program”. Seems the situation is quite widespread…

Good luck in the maze of Google rights :tired_face:

Does the beta version run with offline maps? I’m thinking about participating, but because of my account I’ve to use offline maps.
Are there important restrictions / functions missing, if I’m using / testing the beta version or is everything running as actually known (concerning the still existing functions, for sure in beta new functions will perhaps create problems).
Could you explain the differences (if existing)?

Kurviger Beta link is (currently) for Pro app. So can get in early state the next Pro version, as being prepared for regular public release, with all current and many new features.