Kurviger 1.13.16 (Beta)

And what then about the minorities? This would only make sense, if any option has NO proponents at all.
Not to be expected. :smiley:

But perhaps better outsource this fundamental question, how to deal with multiple “necessary or unnecessary” options and the “overloading” with possible options, in another thread?

(That’s up to @devemux86.)

Polls hold only a small part in the non-deterministic development algorithm.
As a developer more important are stability, performance and maintenance.

By the way please let’s continue discussion for rerouting options in its topic:


Coming again in next (beta) version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kurviger 1.13.6 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: improve rerouting settings (Pro)

- Navigation: improve rerouting at start (Pro)

- Navigation: improve BRouter turn instructions (Pro)

- Map: option to group markers

By clustering the markers, we can put a large number of markers on the map without making the map hard to read and hurting app performance.

Available in “Settings | Map | Maximum zoom level of marker groups” for bookmarks, GPX, etc.

- Various improvements


sounds good, not yet available on my device, probably takes a while… but I have another question:
since 1.13.2 it should work to rename Waypoints and switch between regular and shaping. This is not working for me. Nothing happens when I long-press on a waypoint (still 1.13.5).

When long press on (yellow) via points or (white) shaping points, their dialog appears with different actions per type. The via points offer the “Edit” action to rename them.

Long press menu on waypoints works if enable the “Settings | Map | Crosshair placement”.

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Ah ok, yes, then it works. Thanks.

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Hi. Yesterday I tried Strict navigation mode on our 360 km trip. Everything works as expected :+1:
But, after one pause on route, I turn navi on again and it starts to beep after every instruction. I was on route and I have Off route warning disabled. I’ve never seen this behavior…

settings | Voice guidance | frequency of tone away from route?!

I have it Off

Do you mean that you stopped completely navigation and started it again?
Then obviously it understands that you are not following the route “strictly”,
but started navigation on a random point along the route, in flexible mode.

With strict navigation, cannot start navigation anywhere after 1st waypoint.
You can skip all waypoints before your location for strict navigation to work.

“Navigate along the route without shortcuts, i.e. follow the route strictly from one waypoint to another. When go off route, the rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint.”

Yes, we reached one of waypoints, where I stopped navigation and after break I started navigation again. I did this at every waypoint but beeps started only after last one.

Are you sure it was Kurviger?

Did the app showed that you were off route? (warning symbol at top-center)

The warning signal beeps only when be off route and if you have it enabled.

Yes, I use only Kurviger on my scooter :slight_smile:
I didn’t see warning symbol ( I know about it). Nevermind, I’ll test it on my next trip.

I think @devemux86 meant, that the source of the beeping may have been something else - not Kurviger
Some time ago I had a similar experience caused by a weak bluetooth connection. (low battery)

No, it was Kurviger. Exactly same beeps as when Off route is enabled. I used it time ago.


is it possible that there are currently only two options for route recalculation?

“next waypoint and strict navigation”

I have now tried several times to drive a round trip with a detour. As soon as the recalculation starts the whole tour is gone, from 280 km it is only 14 km to the finish. My route has only 2 waypoints, one where the entrance stands and once refueling after about 120 km… It doesn’t matter if online or offline (BRouter).

Am I doing something wrong in the settings ?



Please don’t post same question in multiple topics.

Discussion for rerouting settings can be done in its topic:

Kurviger 1.13.7 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

Like in rerouting settings, marker clustering (off option), etc.

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