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Ansage Wegpunkte abschalten


kann man die Ansage der Wegpunkte bei der Navigation abschalten? Ich habe bei vorher geplanten und importierten Routen einige Wegpunkte. Beim Navigieren werden mir diese Wegpunkte immer bis zum Erreichen mehrfach angesagt (analog zu den normalen Abbiegehinweisen). Kann man die Wegpunkte bei der Navigation für die Sprachausgabe abschalten?

VG Uwe

You can disable the waypoints from turn instructions in “Settings | Routing | Waypoints in instructions”.

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Perfekt, Danke…

Version 1.13.5… wo finde ich die Funktion bei der Version?
Die Ansage nervt ziemlich :-1: insbesondere wenn nur die GPS Daten durchgegeben werden.
vg w

Cannot understand what you mean.

Voice guidance only happens at user named via points.
It doesn’t exist in unnamed via points or shaping points.

In any case you can convert the waypoint types,
even all together in waypoints list via the button.

If you have any routes with waypoint names that you didn’t set yourself,
then the service that created the routes is wrong and must be corrected.

Probably related to:

That’s true - although I can’t test it in these days - but if I personally wouldn’t like an information for any waypoint? Did never use it. And for documentation I’d define several via points.
So may I kindly ask you to re-implement the “Settings | Routing | Waypoints in instructions”?

Why, what problem does it solve?

All things should work correctly now, if users don’t set names it functions as before.

If there is some problem, we need specific examples first to verify its source.

And if the error is external like mentioned below, please don’t expect the app to fix external issues.
They should do it themselves and you should ask them that. :slightly_smiling_face: