Crosshair placement or drag waypoints?

When crosshair feature is disabled, can long press + drag the waypoints, but then lose their menu.

Is dragging waypoints still useful to anyone & we should keep that option?
As drag via touch on mobile cannot be precise as with mouse on desktop.

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Yes, sometimes I use it.

Sure we should keep it.
Although there is the quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Perfection is not reached when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to leave out.” - we shouldn’t leave out too much! :wink:

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Yes absolutely. I like this feature. It was the reason why I disabled crosshair. But I normally don’t want to resign neither the drag&drop wp feature nor the new renaming feature via context menu

Yes, I use the drag

  • crosshair - drop feature a lot.
  • Yes it is important to be precise

No. I do not use long press - move option

  • Because it is very difficult to be precise
  • And I cannot zoom in and zoom out easily
  • Nor can I move the map to the next position to put the waypoint on it.

No, I don’t think we should have that option.


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I use cross-hair mode since its introduction.
At the beginning I was a bit unsure, whether I like it more than the old “long-press drag” version.
But once I got used to cross-hair mode, I never thought of switching back.

Yes, cross-hair mode needs one tap more to place a waypoint, but at the end it is superior.

  • You can precisely place your waypoint
  • You can zoom in and zoom out easily before dropping the waypoint on its place.
  • You can move the map to the next position to put the waypoint on it.
  • You can remove your finger from the display before dropping a waypoint.
    You don’t need to keep your finger constantly on the display.

In the next version, crosshair placement will be the preferred and only way to handle waypoints.

Maintaining 2 workflows for same thing is pointless and the less precise function is deprecated.