Feature Request - view multiple planned routes simultaneously; share with others

I have used SO many route planning tools, and Kurviger is definitely the easiest to use and always gives fun results every time! Well done!

It’s strength however is for planning a single route - often of course we like to plan for routes that span multiple days (or more!), and it would be amazing to be able to view multiple routes simultaneously so that you could plan day 1, day 2 day 3, etc and keep track of your planning. Another useful feature for this would be to see multiple ‘options’ for a route on the same screen. A sensible option for ‘grouping’ routes together would be based on the folder structure currently built into Kurviger.

Currently when route planning, I export individual routes as GPX tracks from Kurviger and then import these into a ‘My Google Maps’ page to share with other participants (for the purposes of get ting feedback on the planning and route options - not for navigation). It would be so amazing if a ‘read-only’ share option was available for routes within a Kurviger folder, so that friends could see the planning taking place. An option to give Kurviger members/subscribers access to edit these would help expand the functionality of the service.

Well done again for such a great route planning tool!

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Hi Jamesa

Regarding your first question:
We currently don’t recommend putting multiple trips into one route, Kurviger is best suited for a “regular” route of a couple hundred kilometers and fewer than a couple dozen waypoints.
Some improvements regarding this are in the planning stage, but I cannot promise anything yet
This has been discussed multiple times in the forum, like here and here. I would recommend you use the forum search and check out what other people are doing for big trips to get some tips

The best thing to do currently probably is simply to create a folder “my vacation” in the cloud tab, and then adding multiple day trips there. You can show all the routes of a folder as an overlay by clicking “Show saved route on map” for each route. Again, there are improvements coming in this area as well, see discussion here and feature request here

Regarding your second question:
Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but couldn’t you simply share the Kurviger Link? Everybody can open and look at it and their (potential) edits are not reflected back onto your account

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Thanks for your super fast reply Patrick!

I was unaware of the 'Show saved route on map feature". This is in essence what I was asking for. A further suggestion would be that Kurviger automatically changes the colour for each route displayed on the map so that an easy visual distinction can be made between the different routes.

Regarding the link sharing, I had previously thought that people without paid Tourer accounts wouldn’t have the route displayed correctly in the link - but it seems that this is not the case; thank you. Building on the first comment, it would be fantastic for multiple routes to be displayed in the same linked map.

Below is a screenshot of how I currently share a proprosed route with friends using Google Maps (all routes were first created in Kurviger) - it would be super cool if all of this could be handled from within Kurviger