How do I plan multi-day trips?

One of the reasons for looking at Kurviger was multi-day trips, which I thought was supported in Tourer, but I can’t find an easy way of doing this? There doesn’t seem to be anything in the forum either which is of use?

Hello but I do not understand the question. Of course you can plan tours over several days, save and then also depart.

Sorry I should have been clearer. It would be good to be able to plan a days itinery and know distances/times for that day. Are you saying I should plan one long route and just set waypoints as stopovers?

Is there a difference between a waypoint and a shaping point?

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I plan multi-day trips as a group of single-day trips with each file named “start-destination” where “start” and “destination” are generally cities or hotels. I load the day’s trip in the morning and can see time, distance, etc. for that day’s file. They can also easily be strung together as one long, concatenated route, saved that way, or exported as .gpx files to share with friends using mygooglemaps.

Tipp: read the manual - Terms and Definitions about Kurviger [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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Viapoints are for places that you actually want to reach, for example lunch break or hotels.

My recommendation would be to plan one day as a single route. You can however plan one big route and split the route, once it is ready into day trips. I would not recommend to navigate a huge route in one go.

Bonjour, waypoint est une étape en français, passage obligé et annoncé par la voix (hôtel, essence, etc…)
Un shapingpoint est une balise en français pour obliger l’itinéraire a passer par là si kurviger choisi une autre route ! Mais ce point n’est pas annoncé par la voix

Dans l’exemple la balise 1 en noir a été placée car kurviger voulait me faire arriver par la route jaune a droite du rond point. L’étape 2 en bleue est la station essence pour me ravitailler qui me sera signalée par la voix.

Je prépare des itinéraires d’une journée dans un répertoire du nuage pour tout mon voyage (dans l’exemple 6 itinéraires pour un voyage aller retour de 6 jours).

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