(Updated) Route Report Challenge 2018 - Vote / Abstimmung

Thanks everyone for the route reports. We selected the 5 route reports that received the most likes. Now it’s up to you to select a winner! Please vote for your favorite route report until 12.12.2018, we will announce the winner on 13.12.2018 so that the winner will hopefully receive a care package before Christmas.

Vielen Dank für die Routenberichte. Wir haben die 5 Routenberichte mit den meisten Likes ausgewählt. Jetzt seid ihr dran den Gewinner zu wählen! Bitte stimmt bis zum 12.12.2018 ab, dann werden wir den Gewinner am 13.12.2018 bekannt geben, dass der Gewinner das Care Packet for Weihnachten erhält.

@Patrick @SchlesiM @Schnatzi @MichT @anon41824776 you have been selected :slight_smile:


I have already visited some of the Italian/French tour places, excellent info, therefore :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Oh man I wanted to post so much more than that, but so little time at the moment :frowning:

No worries, thanks for your brilliant route report. We might do another Route Report Challenge next year, so please feel free to post more route reports :+1:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years Route Report Challenge!

We are happy to announce that @MichT won this years Route Report Challenge with his excellent report about a tour through north Italy and the south of France - Norditalien-Südfrankreich-Tour

I hope you will enjoy the care package we have prepared for you :sunglasses:

Happy holidays to everyone :christmas_tree:


Thank you all very much for electing my tour for this years challenge.
I feel very honoured, because all tours have had this glance of dedication to what is our beloved hobby, and everybody already is a winner because of that.
All the best to all community members and last but not least to those, who make this great Kurviger App.