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This tour is a 8-day trip, fully pre-planned in Kurviger.

Four countries, 9 regions:

  • Tirol


  • Graubünden
  • Engadin
  • Wallis


  • Lombardia
  • Liguria
  • Piemonte


  • Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

(subtotal-nicht vollständig)

  • Bernina (2330)
  • Passo di San Christina (1437)
  • Passo del Vivione (1827)
  • Passo del Cerro (750)
  • Passo Covallo (1401)
  • Passo del Tomarlo (1482)
  • Passo della Forcella (1824)
  • Col de la Lombarde (2351)
  • Col de la Couillole (1678)
  • Col du Trebuchet (1141)
  • Col de la Cayolle (2326)
  • Col des Garcinets (1250)
  • Col St. Jean (1158)
  • Col de Pierre Vesce (1056)
  • Col du Reychasset (1052)
  • Col de la Pertie (972)
  • Col de Muse (932)
  • Col de la Croix (745)
  • Col Jerôme Cavalli (842)
  • Col des Limouches (1086)
  • Furkapass (2431)
  • Oberalppass (2044)

And hundreds of stunning views of landscape and mountains, beautiful lakes, creeks, and waterfalls.

Unfortunatelly, my cellphone crashed due to a missconfiguration, however about 70% of the tour was actually Kurviger-made.
I came to places I never thought that they actually existed and felt giddy from all the curves I had made almost every day.
After the tour, I reconstructed, what I actually had made and found this route:
It contains 200 points, just to keep the track on the roads I actually used.
The route starts in Füssen/Germany and ends in Hörbranz/Germany, virtually at the German border to Austria.

For the space here is too limited to actually report all of the adventures and show all of the amazing tour pics, you might want to visit my logbook at

201809_norditalien_suedfrankreich.kurviger (231,7 KB)

(Updated) Route Report Challenge 2018 - Vote / Abstimmung
(Updated) Route Report Challenge 2018 - Vote / Abstimmung

Wow man, nice! You really wanted to “get going” it seems to me, right? Your general mindset/philosophy seems to have been to “go far”, because you left out some really nice passes to your “left and right”. I think it’s very interesting how motorcycle routes can have such different “character”, I guess your advantages were that you must have seen SO MANY different things, sea, mountains, flatlands, rolling hills - in contrast to just “staying in the alpes and driving pass after pass”.

I feel my recent Scotland tour was similar to that. My alpes tour last year was the exact opposite


If you ask for my mindset: I want to be on my own.
It’s great to be on roads were the traffic is two vehicles an hour or were you can sleep beside the road and it’s absoltely silent the whole night. And that’s possible, if you adjust the most curvy roads in Kurviger and then bullheaded drive along the suggested roads.
Well, there is a contradiction in this. Exactly this behaviour will lead to the fact, that all those silent roads will not be silent anymore, as soon as the masses of motorcyclists, that usally overcrowd passes like the Galibier or La Bonnette, discover the possibilties of these apps. It’s the Instagram-effect.
With a motorbike, you even can drive offroad, which is absolutely contraproductive for nature and what I am looking for.
And publishing such tours is something, I should better not do. On the other hand, people here are nice and very helpful, especially the makers of Kurviger, they actually make these tours possible for me. A real dilemma, isn’t it?


Nah I don’t agree with that so much, I have to say the numbers of people that you actually get to “pollute” your remote spots is affected muuuuuch much more by road condition, weather, holiday season, hotel availability etc. etc. than by anything that any single app/community could throw on the roads. Unless you’re Google-sized and put a big fat marker “go here” on the map nothing will happen.

And especially the people that look at your routes would’ve probably driven there at some point anyway, so no worries, I think you’re doing just fine like you do here :slight_smile:

And a quick clarification, I just meant you could’ve gone even more curvy and put in some “detours” so to speak. For example you left out the Nufenenpass, Passo della Novena, which is one of my absolute favourites and usually DESERTED :mountain:


Thank you, Patrick, I am happy, that you give me some absolution!

You are absolutely right about the Nufenen. I had one of the most impressive adventures there with a male capricorn (Steinbock) all of a sudden blocking the road in front of me. Had seen some goats down there before, and now I got the idea, that these goats didn’t have been goats at all…
I stopped the bike and the engine, put my helmets windshield up. The capricorn stared at me and I stared at him. He was full-grown and looked scary with his huge horns, and for a second, I had the imagination, that we could be from an equal tribe.
After let’s say 2 minutes, a car came up the serpentines, and the animal turned majestically down into the almost vertical hillside and vanished. To me, this meeting was absolutely miraculous, and, well, that’s the Nufenen for me since then.