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Around St. Gotthard



I just want to share a part of my last tour thru Switzerland, which I absolutely enjoyed. 18-20 degrees at 2400 meter was perfect, down in the valleys it was upto 37 degrees. Nevertheless a very nice scenery with very good road quality (as almost always in Switzerland).

This is the kurviger route: https://kurv.gr/bLfm7

(1) Oberalppass
(2) Furkapass (direction west)
(3) Overnight stop at Obergersteln
(4) Furkapass (direction east)
(5) St. Gotthard (old road)
(6) Nufenenpass
(7) Grimselpass
(8) Sustenpass
(9) Klausenpass

Starting point was the Oberalppass where you can find the highest lighthouse on our planet. I didnt find out why it is there, but too me it seems to be a nice showeffect.

The second pass was Furka, which provides a terrific view to the east and west. In the west you can see the Grimselpass and view a huge stoney waterfall. If you have time you can also stop and enjoy the “Eishöhle” (I didnt as I wanted to drive, drive and drive).

As you can see I planned my trip with an overnight stay at Obergesteln. This way I took the Furkapass in both directions (see wapyoints 2,3,4) , which is definitely worth it. If you dont stay overnight, you can take a U-turn a bit earlier at the junction from Furka to Grimselpass.

The next highlight is St. Gotthard pass, the old road. This road is mainly a cobblestone street, so recommended only on dry days. In case of rain you should take the newer St. Gotthard route, which is then easier to pass.

Next highlight is the Nufenenpass (5). As this is not a main road to pass for cars, there is by far less car traffic to be expected.

Until here it took me already close to 3 hours, also due to the amount of stops I took to enjoy the scenery.

The next highlight is the Grimselpass (7). Driving up from Obergesteln you have a beautiful view upto the Grimsel and Furkapass.

On top of the Grimselpass you can see mountains upto 4100 m and glaciers. Driving down you see a lot of reservoirs. Quite impressive.

The tour continues with next mountain pass above 2000m, the Sustenpass. Way up, you have curvy and small roads, so watch the oncoming traffic!

Last but not least I passed the Klausenpass. The only pass below 2000m!!! Though you have to drive roughly 20km thru the valley, which was a bit annoying due to 37 degrees. But it was worth it.

My tour didnt stop here, I continued for another 90 KM for my overnight stop. Depending on your driving style and speed the described tour can be achieved in one day with some more KMs. If you are a bit slower and/or like to take more stops for drinking and eating you should plan at least two days. Needles to say that there are a lot of opportunities to stop and have a break with beautiful views and lot of other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Finally, in case you consider to take this trip, try to avoid taking fuel in and around Andermatt. Its been the most expensive place and unfortunately a gas station on the kurviger map is not available anymore. It is now a hotel!

Enjoy it - as I did.

(Updated) Route Report Challenge 2018 - Vote / Abstimmung

I understand the temperature was probably quite annoying, but besides that, how did you like the Klausenpass? Isn’t it a bit… city-ish going and laving there? I was thinking about doing it soon myself, but on the map it looks like you’ll be quite bored once you get there, traffic lights, city smog etc.
Would you say it’s still worth it?


Of course Klausenpass isn’t as exciting and thrilling as the others and that’s not because it is the only pass below 2000m on this tour.

But still it is ok. As I was heading towards Austria it was a good choice for this direction and worth it.

Partially the roads are very narrow so you have to drive carefully, on the other hand because of this there aren’t too many cars driving (at least at the time I was there). The scenery is also nice. On the top the cows are on the streets (offene Weidehaltung), so something you have to watch out as well. I had to wait as two cows were crossing the streets slowly. This is fun too look but also means you have to watch for some cow shit on the road :laughing:

So overall I liked it and it was a good last pass on this day.

But if you need to go another direction you might rather skip it.

On both ends you have to drive some kms thru the valley and these are besides of the heat indeed a bit annoying. A lot of small towns next to each other with speed limit. And Suisse police has installed several speed systems within the center of the towns. So you have to be careful. I am afraid one radar got me, I just saw the flash in front of me. I don’t know if these systems also take photos from the back once you pass. If so, I will probably get a ticket soon.


Oh man, flashed in Switzerland, I do NOT envy you


It was a mobile radar system which flashed me from the front. So basically not much to worry about. Unless this mobile system flashes also form the other side to catch your back. Obviously some systems can do that :frowning:

Anyway I wasnt too fast, I guess not more than 5-10 km/h in the city. Lets see what comes :-:roll_eyes:


€220 for 11 km/h (61 instead of 50). Wow, “Die Spinnen die Schweizer”

Ich habe recherchiert und tendiere die Schweiz für die nächsten drei Jahre nicht mehr zu besuchen.


Ouch, das ist echt heftig :roll_eyes:. Und ich dachte immer in der Schweiz wären es ca 10€/kmh, aber vielleicht ist das auch der Unterschied zwischen Innerorts und Außerorts.


Es wurden schon 5 km/h abgezogen. Pilpfiction war bei 66 anstadt 50 km/h das ist nicht wenig. Das ist innerort. Was kostet dies in Deutchland ? 10 Eur auserorts ist nicht rigtig, wie uberall ist est exponential und ab einem gewissen punkt lauft man in jedem Land und lässt die Maschine stehen. Ride safe at a reasonable speed for the good of everybody !
Deswegen bin ich der meinung seit 6 Monate das die “speed limit” in der app angezeigt sein muss. Ich finde die app super aber ist mir auch vorgekommen das ich nicht wüste bin ich noch in der 50 km/h zone oder schon in der 80 km/h zone (Schweiz).
Bitte Top priorität in der To do Liste : “speed limit” anzeigen wie in den Garmin/Tomtom GPS. Danke im voraus !


Laut dem Bußgeldkatalog hier, kostet das 25€ innerorts und außerorts 20€.

Lass uns doch die Diskussion im entsprechenden Thema fortsetzen. Nur ein Hinweis hier: wenn wir Tempolimits in der App anzeigen, dann gibt es keine Garantie auf Richtigkeit. Die Tempolimits stammen aus den Openstreetmap Daten und können von jedem beliebig beigetragen und abgeändert werden. Ich weiß aber auch, dass viele kommerzielle Straßendaten veraltete und falsche Tempolimits beinhalten. Man sollte sich immer auf die Schilder vor Ort verlassen. Es kann also vorkommen, dass die App oder ein beliebiges anders Navi z.B. 80 anzeigen würde, obwohl vor Ort gerade ein anderes Tempolimit gilt, eventuell durch Baustellen oder weil letzte Woche die Behörde ein anderes Schild aufgestellt hat, etc…

Das bedeutet ĂĽbrigens nicht, dass ich diese Funktion unwichtig finde, ich wĂĽnschen mir diese Funktion auch.


Ja, eine Speed Anzeige fehlt wirklich. Hier in F ist es Ausserorts von 90 auf 80 runtergesetzt worden, mit Bussgeld fuer 5km/h ueber dem angesagtem Limit!! Zudem haben sie angefangen, mobile unbemannte Teile (wie ein Minianhaenger) einzusetzen!!


150% einverstanden, ich warte auf ein anfangsdatum wann diese “speed limit” projekt started und zirka wie lange es dauert. Es ist eine super hilfe auch wenn est nie zu 100% stimmt wie boldtrn es sagt. Es gibt spezifisches thema über “speed limit”, bitte dort auch sagen dass es drigend erwartet wird.