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Enjoy your ride and wonderful landscapes: Plansee, Namlos Tal, Hahntennjoch, Fernpass, Staffelsee


Here’s another tour recommendation. With it’s length very suitable for a shorter day trip (or good to be combined with some other destination around it’s lovely areas).

Kurviger link: https://kurv.gr/EKWf2
Distance to ride: approx. 270km
Time in the saddle: approx. 4-5 hours

Starting point is a restaurant with a wonderful view from it’s terrace: Bayerischer Rigi on the Hoher Peißenberg (quite popular at motorbike and oldtimer fans).

During this tour you’ll visit the following lakes:

  • Plansee
  • Blindsee and Fernsteinsee (some of the smaller ones)
  • Staffelsee

Along this route I can recommend some nice restaurants and possible stopovers:

  • Start: Rigi Hoher Peißenberg (already mentioned)
  • WP Nr. 4/5: Ettaler Mühle, or as an alternative: Kloster Ettal
  • WP Nr. 6: Kiosk at the Plansee (a very common meeting point fpr bikers)
  • WP Nr. 20: Rasthaus Zugspitzblick, at the Blindsee (nearby the Fernpass)
  • WP Nr. 28: Seerestaurant Alpenblick, at the Staffelsee

And you’ll drive along some very attractive roads and areas:

  • along the Plansee
  • through the Namlos Tal
  • Hahntennjochstraße (over the Hahntennjoch at 1894m)
  • Fernpasstraße (over the Fernpass at 1216m)

If you have the time and maybe don’t want be on the road all the time: Kloster Ettal and Schloß Linderhof is definitely worth a visit!

Have fun and ride safe!

Plansee-NamlosTal-Hahntennjoch-Fernpass-Staffelsee.kurviger (30,1 KB)
Plansee-NamlosTal-Hahntennjoch-Fernpass-Staffelsee.gpx (516,5 KB)

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Mario do you think Landeck, Imst, something in this vicinity would make a good starting point for a multi-day stay, for star shaped trips, all outgoing from the same spot? I’m really wondering what place could be good for that, preferably of course in Austria, and your tours here in the forum make me think. East of Landeck there’s the cool insider tip Piller pass and North there’s your stuff with Hahntennjoch etc. South you could maaaaybe do Ofenpass, Albulapass, Stilfserjoch, Umbrail etc. in day tours, but you would have to do Reschenpass first, which I think is quite boring and often has high traffic. And west there’s the Montafon, ok, but it costs money and is only fun in the end, after a looooong stretch of straight main street. There’s just too many “big” cities in this vicinity would you agree?


Yes, I definitely think Imst or Landeck would be a good location to stay for some curvy holidays, because there you’re just right in the middle of fun. You have a lot of interesting mountain passes in perfect reach for a wonderful day trip. I’d suggest to have a look at Passknacker or Alpenpaesse.

Please keep in mind that my route recommendations are some kind of a compromise, because I always have to reach the Alps areas from my home base (nearby Augsburg). That somehow limits the distance for my destinations if I only have one day to ride (what I usually do due to lack of more time). But the deeper in the Alps your starting base is, the better are the occasions for really great trips.

One more thing: if like cool restaurants with a special flair (especially for bikers and US car fans) then you should visit Oilers69 (located nearby Imst).

Have fun and ride safe!


Thanks for the hint Mario. Do you think this would be a good biker meeting point (Bikertreff) for Kurviger (see here)?


Yeah yeah of course, I know, I was hoping you figured from my own description that I’m not a total newbie in the Alpes :wink: I was just asking, basically: do you think in comparison to other spots, is this worth it? As I mentioned, you do have to contend with the cities and the traffic.

Mhmmmm nah I don’t know if I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, the deeper in you go the more you are locked to one specific pass that you have to go up and down each and every day just to get “away” from your vacation home. I think there are more criteria at work here.

In my opinion a very good starting point ist something like this, Andermatt, because you can go east west north and south and you have lots of passes and two big lakes close enough. I’m looking for something like this… but not in Switzerland :smiley:


Definitely yes. :grinning:


Hmmm, a little bit difficult to answer because it’s depends a lot on personal preferences. I like those roads and locations a lot. But it could happen on almost every tour to get stuck in traffic wihtin a certain section. Therefore I always try to avoid crowded areas and bigger cities - but it’s not always possible.


Thanks Mario, I added Oilers69 to the Kurviger POIs :).


I just did this tour three weeks ago. In fact I do this tour at least once every year!

I just have a different starting and end point (north of munich). But I like the tour from Oberammergau to Plansee, Namlos (very nice curvy route) and Hahntennjoch.


… if you would think about a base in Switzerland, we had fantastic 3 days pass riding based in Zernez (yes, not quite low price, I know, but worth it, any time. In our B&B we were allowed to bring in own evenign meals).


Hmm, Zernez looks pretty nice actually, I have to say. Basically same as Nauders, but on the Swiss side, and with a couple more options for passes in the west, like Julier, Ofen, Albula…
Thanks for the hint