Kurviger 1.7

Kurviger 1.7 is on Google Play:

- Navigation: show direction to the route when off route (Pro)

When being away from route, an arrow indicator appears to help you with the direction and resume the route.
(image 1)

- Map: (optionally) use crosshair to select locations precisely

A popular request - select locations with extra precision - is now available.
Use the new crosshair mode, which can be enabled in Settings | Map.
(image 2)

- Routing: long press on waypoints for their menu (crosshair mode)

With crosshair mode, long press on waypoints for their actions: move, change type, delete them and many more.

- Bookmarks: long press on bookmarks to move them

You can change bookmarks location on map, via the new action in their (long press) menu.

- Map: more map providers (OpenMapSurfer)

- UI: option to auto hide screen buttons (appear if touch map)

Screen buttons can be auto hidden (like zoom controls), via the option in Settings | Application, for more visible map area.

- UI: back button can exit navigation and follow location

When navigation or follow location modes are active, can disable them conveniently also with Android back button.

- (2019-03-06) Routing: show distance and time for waypoints

Waypoint info bubbles show also their distance and time (like in website).

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:


Just saw the new version and already did some (simple) tests with it.

I really, really love all those improvements (especially the new way to move waypoints/bookmarks)! :+1:t3:

I’ll test the new “off route” indicator next time I’m on road (maybe this evening).

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And here comes my first suggestion :grin:: is it possible to also show the new arrow indicator (pointing in the direction of the next/nearest route waypoint) while being in the “follow location” view?

Would be helpful because this often is the preferred view if being forced to leave the route and to find an appropriate way around a detour and back onto the route.

We can think of it, though is not so straightforward approach.
Follow location mode is a location auto center and not aware of any route elements.
Navigation mode remains the advanced environment with complete route knowledge.

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Klasse Update, finde es besonders gut, daß man jetzt die Wgpunkte auf der Karte löschen kann.

Gruß Oliver

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Appreciating your suggestions of course - BUT:
sometimes also allow the developers to take a breath after a new update? :wink:

Anyway: @devemux86, thank you for the great (as usual) update!!! :+1:t4:

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Ich habe die Pro-App und bekomme die Updates erst sehr viel später angeboten.

Das hat schon bei 1.6. sehr lange gedauert.

The app was released yesterday. We don’t control how Google pushes the updates to the devices, that’s strictly related to Google Play. :slightly_smiling_face:

Danke für die schnelle Info. Dann warte ich mal.
Kann man keine Funktion “Updatesuche” hinzufügen?


@dotcom Just go to "my apps and games’ in the Google Play menu and check for updates. I usually do this every day because there are always some apps having updates and I prefer to do them a few at a time rather than in one big lump at less frequent intervals.


Sehr guter Tipp und direkt angewendet.

Danke Arnulf

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Whoa, you go to 100% rollout on play store for a new version immediately? O.O
Just a hint, maybe you did not know, that the play store supports phased rollout to users, you can select “5%” or something at first, and the see if your crash rates increase, before you give the app to 100% of users

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I know, can say we’re overconfident for the app quality? :innocent:


@Tom moved the long maps discussion in separate topic for easy future reference.

Not as long as reality hasn’t proven you wrong… :smiley:

@SchlesiM do you really switch manually to follow location mode, when circumventing a construction area?
When you leave the route, while in navigation mode (automatic recalculation=off) , Kurviger follows automatically your position and the “traffic sign” is pointing to your route.

The new crosshair mode:

  • I like the possibility to delete waypoints from context menu.
  • It is easier and more precise to move waypoints, but needs one tap more to place a new waypoint.
    In this context one thing is annoying me:
    The hint bubble fadeing in, hides the action button.
    Is this hint really needed here?
    Is it possible to display the hint bubble at the top of the screen, instead of the bottom?


There is a Delete action in waypoints context menu (if there are more than 2 waypoints).

Actually we’re thinking to remove or relocate it in next version. :slight_smile: