App: Undo after moving waypoints

While using gloves to operate the Kurviger app, it sometimes happened to me that I accidentially moved a waypoint to another location.

It would be very useful to have an simple “undo” function within the app to be able to correct those failures quickly.

Have fun and ride safe!


Hi Mario,

I agree, this would be very useful. It just happens to easy to do a minor and might sometimes take some time to revert the mistake.


Hi Mario,
Hi Robin,

I also got the need of an undo button. When planning on mobile sometimes I missclick “add via point” and manage to hit “set end” which is right under. Very impractical, cause sometimes I do not remember the exact location of the end of my tour (for example, a hostel for overnight).



I think with the new crosshair placement function (introduced with Kurviger 1.7) this topic should be coverd in a very satisfying way (I meanwhile really learned to appreciate this function :+1:t3:).


Ich möchte mal nachfragen, ob eine undo-Funktion für die app geplant ist. Ich vermisse sie gelegentlich doch schmerzhaft.

I would like to ask if an undo function is planned for the app. I do miss it painfully at times

It would be complicated, so we may see it in the future.

As mentioned above, crosshair helps much more now.

Continuing the discussion from Webseite: "Rückgängig"-Button:

Hier wurde der “Zurück”-Button :arrow_left: schon mal für die Webseite gewünscht, da gibt es ja das Browser-Zurück. Aber nicht in der app! Deshalb wäre doch für die app ein solcher Button sehr sinnvoll. Jedenfalls habe ich ihn schon oft vermisst.

[EN] :arrow_left:The “back” button has already been requested here for the website, where there is the browser back. But not in the app! That’s why such a button would make a lot of sense for the app. In any case, I have often missed it.


Android apps are not browsers, so it would need a history implementation.

It was discussed above, I may see what is possible in the future.

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It will be covered by the routing history:

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