Kurviger 1.14.28

The old ones were some of the last resources of the platform that were still bitmaps.
The new ones are SVG and so simple to resize and change their fill + stroke colors.

Their size is the same, probably the bitmap padding showed them virtually smaller.
Anyway now it’s simple to resize them, however they should remain easy to press.

Edit: we can change their color if there is something more suitable.


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In next version the turn instruction nodes will have more padding to “appear” smaller.

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Kurviger 1.14.17 is available for old owners on their Google Play:

- Various improvements

Yesterday I noticed a hitch in version 1.14.16. When pausing and resuming the Navigation, the resumption did not work. Both buttons in the bottom left we’re blue.
Only after closing and restarting the app and automatically loading the last route did it work again. I think this is not only a problem of version 1.14.16 since I had this effect already before.

Today, when I “open with” a route via Total Commander (what I always do since I find my saved routes easier with Total commander app) in version 1.14.17, I get this error message.


This is a new bug in 1.14.17 for sure since this still worked in version 1.14.16. I have rebooted the device and can again reproduce this error.

It is not very clear what you mean.

Start - Pause (tap) - Continue - Stop (long press) navigation seems to work fine.

Because of the fix for the 1.14.16 problem with website,
routes exported with 1.14.16 need to be exported again.

Yes, mostly it works, but sometimes it hangs. you can press as often as you want to continue, but the route is not continued. I don’t know under which conditions it happens. The “workaround” is closing Kurviger and opening it again. Since the last tour is automatically reloaded (also due to a former request), the workaround is easy. That’s the reason why I didn’t report it yet. I really don’t know exactly when it happens. I had it 3-4 times with this effect. So it is not a big issue. When it happens again I try to figure out what could cause it.

ok thanks, can live with it, ony 1 route concerned :slight_smile:

This seems like the navigation cannot resume the route after exit / pause.
There can be several reasons for that, search forum for such discussions.

You must create a new topic reporting route, location, navigation type, etc.

Kurviger Beta V 1.14.17
What I find strange is that map space is sacrificed for a larger text field.

Is it possible a preparation to support next item?

In that example gif, the extra info is available, but map space is not stolen.
Or is it intended to be able to hide the large direction panels?

There are street names that are not one word and are larger than the screen width.
So cannot fit them in 2/3 of screen and this panel is optional in navigation settings.

Roger understand,so the same inconvenience as with other single line top panel text displays. Since this occurs very sporadically, it was thought for a while to use a running short text band, as is also known with radiotext. Anyway good luck with the implementation as you like.

So if most navigators prefer this kind of display,
it seems they know better that [street name + motorway ref] are not just 1-2 words.

Also with the display size and font size features, the available space is valuable.

Thanks for the kind reply.

There may be customization options in the future.
But now there must be sane defaults for all users.

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For my opinion there are enough options already. With font size and opacity it’s possible to “expand” the map space. Of course, the use of the turn instruction display requires space for it.
I personally never display the turn instruction - just switched it on for the screenshot:

And as you see, I always drive in “landscape mode”.


Can the street names be switched off optionally like the speed for example?

It is already optional in “Settings | Navigation | Turn instruction”.

The future App: Display street name feature will be optional too.

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Im am quite sure that I used that feature already - but I can not find it any more (1.14.17):

Where is it gone?

Found it: It is “Display Size” - but did not work (please see screenshot: 200%). I had an app crash afterwards, after restart it works.

Are you sure? It works well in my tests.
What does the map look like before and after the change?

On which device?
Try moderate values (the device may not be able to handle large textures).

After restart due to app crash it works (also with 200%).

Before the symbol (mountain pass) was very small, I had to zoom in very strong to see it (I can not reproduce it).
Now its big enough (200%):

Android 7.0 (API 24)
asus P027
2048 x 1536 (320 dpi)

This setting applies to all map elements.

With the external map styles you will be able to customize the colors, sizes, symbols, etc.
(separately and according to your needs)