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App: External map styles

Open external map styles with the various offline maps.

How to write xml based render themes to style maps:

OpenAndroMaps with Elevate map style and its map groups / layers.

(map styles open as zip files)

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Yes, thanks. It is already (and still :frowning_face:) on my task list: Try to extract and modify original style: Show mountain_passes, do not show mountain peaks, perhaps modify icon.

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Sorry, my time does not allow simultaneous work on the app and the map style.
The map styles belong to community and all users to improve and update them.

The Elevate map style of OpenAndroMaps is improved and updated constantly.

This will be simple. Also it would be nice if the map style improvements
by the users could be integrated into the default map style in the future.

Available for testing in Kurviger 2.0.7 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.12.

I really like this feature, i never knew about map styles!

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