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App: Display street name


ich bin auf der Suche mit den Namen der aktuell gefahrenen Straße einzublenden. Ich kann nur die Straße einblenden die nach der nächsten Abbiegung kommt.


If the routing service provides such information, I could see it.

BRouter offline routing service does not include street names.

Note that this could only work when be on the calculated route,
not when be away from route, as only route data can be known.

+/- As in picture ? Source: Kurviger file: Street panel tap toggle switch “Actual <> Next”

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Ich lass das online über Kurviger berechnen

where can i configure that?

Actually you can’t. Is not implemented. Wait opinion devemux86 pse.
A suggestion by simple tap on street panel. No extra (menu) button

I have a prototype working with e.g. (offline) GraphHopper (on and off route).
It does reverse geocoding of user location and displays the street (at bottom).

With Kurviger that could make sense only on the route (if route contains that data).
Doing continuously online reverse geocoding does not seem a very wise solution?

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By the way. That grahical presentation looks nice. But GraphHopper offline deprecation probably throws a spanner in the works?

It is the real application running.

See my answer in GraphHopper topic:

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