Error message: Cannot deserialize instance

I am trying to load a route created on the Kurviger website and saved as a Kurviger file, but I keep getting the error message shown in the attached image. It gives me no clues as to how to fix it.

Route created in Kurviger Tourer. Saved to Google Drive as Kurviger file. On Android phone, file was moved to SD card. Got error message whether I opened it from File Commander or from within Kurviger app. This is a workflow that I have used many times before. Other navigation apps on the phone work fine. Have tried modifying the route and re-saving it multiple times and can not find anything in documentation or via forum search.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong?


Welche Version benutzt Du? Der Fehler ist mit der Version 1.14.16 aufgetreten, sollte aber mit 1.14.17 behoben sein. Kurviger 1.14.17 - #51 by Tom und Import error with app 1.14.16 from website

Which version do you use? The error occurred with version 1.14.16, but should be fixed with 1.14.17. Kurviger 1.14.17 - #51 by Tom and Import error with app 1.14.16 from website

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Yes, updating to 1.14.17 fixed it. Thank you.

I love you guys for being so responsive.

I have to ask though, how does an issue slip through QC to the point that your app can’t even open a file from your own website?

Die Frage kann Dir vermutlich am besten der App-Entwickler @devemux86 selber beantworten.

The app developer @ devemux86 can probably best answer this question himself.

The app does not own any website, the 2 platforms are developed separately.
The app always works fine with its own exports and is developed by 1 person.

Issues can exist in all applications…

One reason for this may be that the website has introduced new features that the app does not currently support. Old routes seemed to work with 1.14.16

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Of course issues come up in all development work, which is why QC exists too. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that about the site and app being developed separately. Good to know. Given that, it is amazing that you guys do as good a job as you do. As I said, I like Kurviger a lot, and your responsiveness is fantastic. :+1: