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[Website] Waypoint Names, Shaping Points, Waypoint Markers

Today the website received a massive update.

This update includes Waypoint Names and Shaping Points. For details on how to use them have a look here:

The website received new waypoint markers (green=start, blue=waypoint, black=shaping point, red=destination).

In addition a lot of minor things were tuned. The website received quite a speed boost, especially when opening the website or a route.

Opening pre-planned routes should remove a lot of potential issues that existed with geocoding providers. Like placing a waypoint at the wrong spot or being unable to find a location.

Tons of smaller improvements. Please let us know how these new features work out for you or if you have any questions. Enjoy your rides :motorcycle: :racing_car:


Thanks a lot for your effort and time, just great Robin!

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very nice… but I have an error message when deleting a shaping point or just clicking on a waypoint

Thanks for sharing this. Could you provide some more information on how to reproduce this? What browser are you using, is it the same on different browsers? Does this happen with every route or only on a specific route?

actually I am using firefox, but can also try MS Edge… will try later with different scenarios… no more time at the moment… will post when I know more

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Hi, after this update I can’t login anymore. If I clock on the icon an new but completely empty website opens? So I do not have access to my saved routes. What’s wrong? Thanky you - regards KLaus

I have the same prob…


Hi Robin thank you for the update but after this update I can’t login anymore. If I click on the icon a new but completely empty website opens? So I do not have access to my saved routes. What’s wrong? Thanky you - regards Klaus

Thanks a lot for reporting the login issue, there was a minor issue, it should work again in a few minutes! Sorry for the troubles.

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Thanks for the Update and the alignment to kurviger App
For me everything works fine. Great Job from both of you.

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I thank you for your effort. Best Klaus

Works well.
Is there a feature to convert all waypoints to shaping points?
I obviously only created waypoints before shaping points were possible.

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Changes work well, thanks a lot

First of all I feel that I have to apologize: I hadn’t written any posts and comments here in the forum for quite a while. Although both boldtrn and devmux86 did a really good job by providing even more features for Kurviger’s app and website. But due to the current Corona situation I had a lot of work to do. And almost no occasions to drive my bike. In fact I even didn’t use my car for almost four month.

Even more I now take notice of all those new features. And this week we’ll finally be able to test them all because we (my wife and me) will take a little trip to Austria. First part will be a Gloßglockner-tour, then we’ll head for Wien/Vienna. This time we won’t take our bikes but my Mazda MX-5 (RF) instead. But I already know that Kurviger also makes roadster trips a lot more fun than any other navigation system available for cars.

Today I planned GroĂźglockner and I immediately noticed the new functionality concerning waypoint names (including the changed usage of the name fields) and types (via and shaping points). And I seamlessly was able to share the route with the Kurviger app preserving all the waypoint types. Great - I love it! :+1:t4: :smiley:

I will report my experiences after returning from our trip.


Can anyone please explain the difference between waypoint names, shaping points and waypoint markers in german language?
My english is not good enough to understand the difference or when to use what or how.
I didn’t find the explination in the german documentation yet.
BR juschka

A short explanation you can find here:

Eine kurze Erklärung kannst du hier finden:


Did it help you?

Hat es dir geholfen?


Speziell dieser Teil :wink:

Wegpunkte, Hinweispunkte, Hinweise

Wegpunkte, Start, Zwischenziel, Formpunkt, Ziel (App, Web)
App Web Wegpunkte werden zum Berechnen einer Route benötigt. Derzeit gibt es folgende Wegpunkte (Waypoints):
Start , Beginn der Route
Zwischenziel (Via point), Punkt auf (oder an) der Route, an dem z.B. Zwischenhalt vorgesehen oder besondere Aussicht ist
Formpunkt (Shaping point), Punkt fĂĽr RoutenfĂĽhrung ĂĽber bestimmten Streckenabschnitt, unaufdringliche Markierung
Ziel (End, Destination), Endpunkt der Route

Siehe auch hier: App: Waypoint types

Formpunkte (shaping points) Zwischenziele (via points)
kein Name, nur nummeriert nummeriert, kann vom Benutzer mit Namen versehen werden
unauffällige Darstellung (nur ein Punkt mit Nummer) deutliche Darstellung (eine “Flagge” mit Nummer)
nicht erwähnt in Abbiege Anweisungen; keine Ansage erwähnt in Abbiege Anweisungen; Ansage bei Erreichen; ein gesetzter Name wird angesagt
beim Routing als Wegpunkt berĂĽcksichtigt beim Routing als Wegpunkt berĂĽcksichtigt

Thanks, I didn’t found this part of explanation. Now it’ s clear.
Thanks for your help.
Finally for my understanding. In the App it’ s not existing?
Br Juschka