This._map is null

I just reloaded any tour… then when trying to insert a shaping point

it directly comes up with this error

with MS EDGE when I try to login in my account for this error appears directly… so I can’t login into my gmail account in Kurviger when using MS Edge


But in MS Edge I can import a route and then adding a wp or a shaping point works without error message

I moved this post, thanks a lot for creating that. I cannot reproduce the error this._map is null. It would be great if you could help me identify / reproduce the issue.

I have delete the internet cache and tried again. I also couldn’t not simulate the errors again. It works now, so I guess it was a cache problem.

When I open in MS Edge, I directly get this error message, but I can login and load and edit routes, so not a big issue.


Thanks for confirming!

That is a different error, if this happens again, please let us know, in a different thread :slight_smile:.