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Website: Export the route to Sygic Navigation

the possibility to export the route to Sygic Navigation will be great.

Probably relevant to a discussion in old forum.

Due to the fact that the Kurviger app doesn’t provide offline routing yet, I have Sygic on my smartphone to serve as a fallback solution, if I need routing & navigation in an area without data connection (Murphy’s law: if you need a re-routing because of a detour in a somehow “complicated” environment, you won’t have a reliable data connection :wink:).

This is how I transfer a route from Kurviger to Sygic:

  • export my current route in the Kurviger app as ITN
  • use the tool ITN2ITF to convert it into the Sygic format (works offline)
  • copy the ITF file to the shown folder using a file explorer (I use Solid Explorer with bookmarks for both the Kurviger an Sygic folder for a quick access)
  • open Sygic and choose your route from the favorites (maybe you have to restart Sygic so that it updates its favorites)
  • if done while somewhere on the route: adjust/delete the waypoint in Sygic to continue your route from the appropriate location

Hello Mario,
thank you for your workaround, till the devs will add this feature to the product I will use your instructions.

A minor update about Sygic, we are getting pretty close to adding the Sygic export. We had to do quite a lot of preparation in the background to make this possible, but now we are pretty close.

Also, there is an excel list to do the conversion manually, you can find it here. But probably ITN2ITF is the better option on an Android device.


The Sygic Export has been added to the website. Please let us know if everything works as expected or if anything needs to be improved.

Thanks a lot for the new functionality.
Works great - as expected :slight_smile:

Implemented also in Kurviger 1.8.

It seems Sygic has changed something, the Import with the Sygic URL doesn‘t work anymore.

maps.sygic.com send mails with the route in this format, maybe you can use this as export format!?


Thanks for reporting this @Paddes. Could you provide some more information on what device you are using. I just tried it on Android with the latest Sygic and it worked.

The URL Scheme we use is also still in the Sygic docs, so it should work.

Oops, sorry.
I’m using iOS 14.6 with Chrome Browser.
I’ve tested it also with Safari, but this doesn’t work also.

Sygic updated the App last week on iOS with a complete new look.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. I contacted Sygic, let’s find out if this is a bug with their app or if custom urls are not supported anymore.

If custom urls are not supported any more, we can change to the url format you provided - but since that is undocumented it could change any time, so I would prefer to stick with the official documented one :slight_smile:

Hope for a solution.

Ok, I received an answer from Sygic, apparently they changed URL formats to the one you mentioned above. I will update the export for this.

Great support here and very fast!
Excellent, I’ve tested it and it work again!


Me again, sorry. :wink:

It seems there is a problem when I export the route with many waypoints, but only one via point.

Original Route - 109 km

Sygic Route - 204 km

Confused Waypoints

Thanks for catching this. To be honest, I don’t know why this happens, this seems to be an issue with Sygic app, I contacted their support about this. If you open the url on their website it shows up correctly. I can see why this happens, but it would be a rather complicated fix on our side.

In the meantime you can open the link in the browser and use the send to GPS feature on their website which should result in the correct route.

I think the problem is the export from Kurviger.
You write START > VIA > TO
but Sygic write START > TO > VIA

Original Sygic format is:


Yours is:


Okay, this doesn’t help…

Yes, this is most probably the reason. I tried to change the order and this fixed it. I wrote Sygic about this, lets see.

In my tests, this fixed the problem.

I also have a sygic installation, but on android. For me, the export via this strange URL-format did never work. Sygic never took this files. I had to manage it with a few steps, ending up with an ITF file which has to be stored deep down in the structures of an android file system. :wink:

I would appreciate to have a shorter path in Kurviger, if possible.

Sorry for capturing the thread…

Best: Spilles