Reverse speed based auto zoom

Most users seem to prefer the speed based auto zoom in the way: more zoomed out at higher speed and more zoomed in at lower speed.

I would prefer exactly the other way round: more zoomed in at higher speed (because I only want to see the next 2-3 curves at the biggest width when I am in the pusher mode)… and more zoom out at lower speed in order to get a better overview of the area when cruising around…

Anyone supporting this request?

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So like a “reverse” speed based auto zoom.

Is there any navigator that works this way?

No, I don’t know any, but is Kurviger an app off the shelf? I guess it would be a strength and unique selling point of Kurviger.

I support the idea. This is different from common navigation and that’s what bikers need.
Please think about that.


Market niche on the way to the best motorcycle navigation app :+1:


I do use both approaches at the same time:

  • Close zoom to see how the really next curves are.
  • Larger zoom to see how the following kms are in front of me (somehow look forward).

I can do it because I manage two apps at the same time on the screen: Locus Maps (2D and close zoom) and Kurviger (3D and large zoom).

So I understand the request, although I have fulfilled it differently.


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just a question and only to know: I guess this still only works in the way, the more speed the lower zoom.

At least I wasn’t the only one who would prefer it the other way round. Was this an option which was rejected or is there a little hope that this could be realized?

Why not putting it into New features, then everyone may vote for it.

Isn’t the chapter “suggestion” the same?

(the question was moved in its correct topic)

Like all suggestions, I could see it in the future depending on the available resources and user interest.

Perhaps using a Bluetooth remote control for zooming could be a good workaround: