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App: Zoom with bluetooth remote control

In „external input device” we can select “keyboard”. Which key is mapped to zoom in and zoom out?
Perhaps we can use a button mapper app to map the media buttons to the kurviger App.

(WunderLINQ works similarly according to its documentation)

Works with a keymapper. Could Zoom in and out with “zoom with volume keys” deactivated. With “External input device” set to “ keyboard” and “WunderLinq”. I could even start kurviger app with play button :slight_smile:-)
But, also with both settings (keyboard and wunderLinq), I had the stop navigation issue! I use also a smart watch with bluetooth 4.0 and also when my watch connects or disconnects (for power saving) to my mobile phone, the navigation stops!

My further test:
“zoom with volume keys” deactivated, “External input device” set to “none”:
Also with this setting, navigation stops when I start music player with media button device. Then I restart immediately the navigation and again, the navigation stops after 30 sec. (Power Save disconnect of media button device).

Can somebody confirm my test result?

@Sw-wind : Kannst du das auch nachvollziehen?
Einstellung => Karte => Lautstärke-Zoom auf aus.
Einstellungen => Applikation => Externes Eingabegerät auf aus
Route laden und Navigation starten. Dann irgend einen Knopf am Fernbedienteil drücken => stoppt dann die Navigation?

Br Matthias

Hallo Matthias

Ich bin eben erst nach Hause gekommen

Das Verhalten ist noch das selbe.

Wenn ich auf die Fernbedienung drücke dauert es ein paar sec.bis Sie sich aktiviert und in diesen Augenblick schaltet die Navigation aus.Nach dem wieder einschalten der Navigation ,als dann die Fernbedienung in Stand by ging hat die Navigation wieder abgeschaltet.

Die FB schaltet sich erst nach Betätigung einer Taste ein und wenn ca 2min keine Taste gedrückt wurde wieder aus.

MfG Fritz

Danke Fritz!

So, most probably kurviger will stop navigation unexpected when new bluetooth device (radio, watch, etc) connect or disconnect.

Wenn das funktionieren würde wäre das super!!
MfG Fritz

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.

Tested with version 13.13. The issue still exist. Bluetooth connect / disconnect stops navigation and Navigation button change from blue to white.

That seems a problem of that bluetooth device.

The app does not stop navigation, only has support of external input devices (via keyboard keys).

Next shot. Fond a nice bluetooth device from Carpetier. Definitely not cheap but looks like a lifetime device.

@devemux86: can you please have a look in standard keymapping doc. Is this compatible with kurviger app?

Cannot know that, as don’t know how each third-party device works.

See my answer above about what key codes are supported in the app.

Zoom in and out with cheap bluetooth button works now with Beta 1.13.15.

  • Zoom with volume keys = activated
  • external input device = none

And you can still control your player with play, pause, next buttons :heart_eyes:

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The same problem with me. If the remote control goes into sleep mode, the navigation is interrupted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Hope with the next update it will work for me too

You can try Kurviger 1.13.15 (Beta) to see if the issue with your device is solved.

Thanks for quick reply.
Beta version is too risky for me, I will wait for the regular update

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MfG Fritz

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Improved in Kurviger 1.13.17.

I just updated to 1.13.17. What can I say. Zooming with the Pearl remote control now works perfectly. Thank you for the update.! Automatic zooming works great in 90% of cases. Only sometimes does it make it easier to operate the zoom manually. This now works perfectly with the remote control for just 7 euros :blush::grin:

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